Sarah Paulson gets 3 terrifying scares on 'Ellen'


Despite Paulson being the star of multiple seasons of The American Horror Story, she admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she can’t handle being frightened. So, DeGeneres decided to scare her anyway.

DeGeneres set up a hidden camera in Paulson’s dressing room and hid in a closet, only to jump out and scare the actress as she walked by. They played the clip for the audience, and while Paulson comfortably sat on the studio stage recounting how scared she was, a man dressed in a strange outfit jumped up behind her and scared her again.

Paulson screamed in fright and hoped that she wouldn’t be scared again. However, DeGeneres had other plans. A scary clown jumped out from a hidden side table to terrify Paulson.

Thankfully, there were only three scares for Paulson, because she didn’t seem like she’d be able to handle a fourth.

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