Sara Pascoe says Hugh Grant’s birthday party was her worst gig: ‘He doesn’t come off well in this story’

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Sara Pascoe has said performing at Hugh Grant’s birthday party was her worst ever stand up gig.

The comedian opened up about the experience during a recent interview with The i, warning readers that Grant “doesn’t come off well in this story”.

Pascoe told the publication: “It doesn’t matter how well-known you are or how experienced you are, you will sometimes go out there and not do very well.

“You gamble every time you go out. That fear makes it compulsive.”

Speaking about her show at the Notting Hill star’s birthday party, Pascoe said it was “one of my worst ever gigs”.

“He doesn’t come off well in this story,” she said, explaining that Grant’s friends allegedly like to throw the actor parties with elements that he will hate.

Pascoe said that Grant’s friends asked her to wear a “no more page three” t-shirt and to “do some feminism at him” because “he’ll hate that”.

The Taskmaster star continued to say that Grant did not appear to be enjoying her jokes.

“I think I was the 14th female comedian they asked. Everybody else had said no,” she said.

Speaking about why she agreed to the gig, Pascoe said: “Partly for the story, partly because I was excited by the idea of meeting him, and also because it was £300 cash in an envelope.”

“Sometimes – I don’t know if you do this – you’re punishing a future self. You say yes to things because you’re like, it won’t be me doing that, it will be another version of me. Then you get to the day and wonder why you agreed,” she said.

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