Santa Claus going on tour to Roseville neighborhoods. Here’s where you’ll find him

City of Roseville

Santa Claus will be in Roseville next week.

As part of the city annual Neighborhood Santa event, Santa Claus will visit some of the city’s neighborhoods to ring in the holiday season.

The event has grown over the years to be a popular community occasion, drawing people from across the city, and prompting more than one neighborhood potluck.

“While having Santa be a part of the event is fun and exciting during the holiday season it is really the community impact throughout the year that is evident,” said a retired city employee who volunteers as Santa for the event. “Neighborhood Santa brings the community out, something that can be lacking in today’s world. It is great to see neighbors gathering together in anticipation of seeing the parade and Jolly Old Man come by for a few minutes.”

Starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Santa’s first tour will begin in the Blue Oaks, Maidu and South Cirby neighborhoods. On Wednesday, he’ll continue through Highland Reserve and Fiddyment Farms; Santa will take to Roseville Heights, Los Cerritos and Woodcreek Oaks on Thursday.

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The following week, Tuesday, Dec. 13, Santa Claus will wind through Folsom Road, Cherry Glen, Foothills and Junction areas then move on to Cirby Side, Cirby Ranch and Stoneridge neighborhoods on Dec. 14. Santa’s last night in Roseville will be Dec. 15, in which he’ll tour the Historic Sierra Vista and Westpark neighborhoods.

“Santa is super busy so unfortunately he is unable to visit every neighborhood,” the city said. “Santa also doesn’t have time to visit with children one on one during his neighborhood tour.”

The exact route he will take can be found on the city’s webpage.

The event began in 1998 and continued until the 2008 recession when it was eliminated for budget reasons. The event was brought back in 2014 and has grown to include numerous routes over the two-week period.

The city plans Santa’s routes in advance by examining census data to target neighborhoods that are prevalent with families with young children, according to officials.

Parks and recreation staff then build custom floats for Santa to ride on with his police and fire department escort. And city staff volunteer to be part of Santa’s elf entourage, said Pam Allen, a spokeswoman for the city’s park department.

“Volunteer elf positions tend to fill up super fast as this is really a great feel-good community series event,” Allen said.