Sandra Bullock Reveals Which of Her Movies Is Her Kids' Favorite

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Sandra Bullock's kids, unsurprisingly, have excellent taste — well, at least one of them does.

At the premiere of her Netflix film, The Unforgivable, the actress revealed that her daughter, Laila, has a deep appreciation for her filmography, though her son Louis may be a different story.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

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"Miss Congeniality is my daughter's favorite. Hands down, one thousand percent. She thinks my work is extraordinary. My physical comedy, for her, is everything," Bullock tells InStyle.

"Anytime I hit someone in the privates [in the movie] ... She understands the genius of that and of her mother, whereas my son does not," she joked. "He hasn't quite discovered the genius like she has. But that's OK, he allows me to mother him, bathe and feed him, and take care of him."

Bullock, who also produced The Unforgivable in addition to starring in it, says she wanted to be involved in the movie because of the multifaceted effect it could have on audiences.

The film follows Bullock's character, Ruth, who attempts to re-enter society after she is released from prison after serving a 20-year sentence for a violent crime.

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"I like the idea that we might be able to make something really entertaining because of the murder aspect and the mystery aspect obviously, as well as say something really meaningful," she says. "You never know if you can pull it off, but we're entertainers, so you want to cover your bases and make sure that people who are paying to come spend two hours with you are rewarded, and get what they want, so that idea is exciting."

The Unforgivable is currently playing in select theaters, and will be released on Netflix on Dec. 10.

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