Sam Bee pleads with Alabamians to not vote for alleged pedophile, Roy Moore

On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, the host had a message for Alabama about Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of numerous sexual assault charges against teenage girls. According to Bee, 40% of Alabama Christians say the charges actually make them more likely to vote for him. To which Bee responded, "Hello, 9-1-1, I think everyone in Alabama might be a pedophile."

Despite Christians running to Moore's defense, after the allegations against Moore came out, Republican leaders took time to think it over but ultimately have said that Moore should step aside. Or as Bee put it, they took time to ask the question, "Which is worse, electing an alleged pedophile or a Democrat?"

Although it seems like a pretty easy answer, apparently it's not. With multiple men in various communities being accused of assault, it seems that the closer you are to the predator, the more likely you are to defend him. Bee felt like she needed to challenge Alabama, saying, "Each community has to kick out their own creeps, and that applies whether you're in politics or entertainment or whatever the f*** you call Steven Seagal."

In the end, Bee hoped that Alabama voters make the right choice when they show up to the polls. "If you want to prove that your state is better than sex crazed Hollywood...prove all us Yankee a**holes wrong about you," she said.