Sakshi Dhamija Wants To Help You Create a Thriving and Fulfilling Business

It is the dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs to launch an amazing business and live the life they have always wanted. But it is one thing having an ambition like that, and quite another actually achieving it.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of successful individuals whose footsteps you can follow. Business Coach Sakshi Dhamija is one. She knows you can launch a company and grow it to a level you are happy with because she has done it. Now she is on a mission to empower others.

Take Action To Achieve Your Dream

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When she was growing up in India, Sakshi fantasised about travelling the world and being financially independent due to her own successful company. She now lives in Berlin with her husband and has used her skills as an intuitive launch strategist to build a multiple six-figure business.

However, the road to success did not run smooth. Her first attempt at launching her own course left her jobless and $3,000 in debt. It was a tough loss to take but, through research and no small amount of trial and error, Sakshi transformed her failure into a thriving business which empowers hundreds of clients to enjoy lives of freedom, choice and opportunity.

“When I started my business, I coached a handful of clients and the peace I had after talking to them was amazing.” Sakshi recalls. “Listening to their struggles and giving my solutions, contributing in their problem-solving process — that gave me real happiness.”

Having turned $3K of debt into a six-figure business, it is fair to say that Sakshi has mastered the art of selling. Now she is keen to pass on her expertise in her Sales Accelerator Academy - an eight-module course which enables clients to rapidly scale their business from $0 to $10k.

“This course is about reshaping your business to be more time-leveraged, automated, and personally freeing than it’s ever been before,” Sakshi explains. “I want to teach you how to launch in a way that feels aligned to you and scale your business so you can live life on your own terms.”

Find Work That Satisfies Your Soul

Having learnt from her mistakes, Sakshi wanted to help others avoid making their own, so she developed the Soulful Launch Method - a pioneering three-component system which enables aspiring executives to sell out their launches and close high-ticket clients.

Using a combination of psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and marketing analytics, the method allows clients to optimise their visibility, become energetically aligned and monetize their influence. The system reveals how clients can optimize everything they already have so it can hold and produce more value.⁣⁣

“My mission is helping struggling online-space entrepreneurs get more clients online, make more money and do what sets their souls on fire,” Sakshi explains.

This entrepreneur’s holistic approach to business has helped hundreds of clients create careers which are not only financially successful, but also personally rewarding. One of her clients topped $14K in sales in just three days after applying the Soulful Launch Method, while another secured her first pay-in-full client after following Sakshi’s advice.

Creating A Space For Women

As a woman of colour with her own experiences of overcoming discrimination, Sakshi is dedicated to creating a shared space for women of every niche, colour and race. She champions women in business and offers them advice and support via her Facebook group and the online forum of her website.

“It is a space where women can come together, connect and be vulnerable with no limits,” Sakshi explains. “They don't feel judged or insecure here, and we are continuously growing it and fulfilling its ultimate purpose of serving women at all levels of business and life.”

Sales expert Sakshi’s female-focused endeavours have secured her a place in the Little Black Book - The Social Bungalow’s directory of female entrepreneurs who operate at a high level of excellence.

Sakshi is driven to support diversity in all its forms. She has visited 19 countries in the last three years and encountered people of multiple backgrounds, genders, sexualities and races - all of which has informed her coaching. She believes that everyone has a calling and that tapping into your particular skill set is the key to finding success. She is also a firm believer in honesty and authenticity.

“⁣⁠Since day one of starting my social media journey, I’ve never known how to be anything else aside from myself,” Sakshi says. “Showing myself, fully open and fully authentic has always been a gift of mine. It is 100x more fulfilling to have people want to work with you and follow you because of you.”⁣⁠