Saint-Laurent adopts a $78.4 M budget and $92.6 million Ten-Year Capital Investment Program to ensure the development and longevity of its assets

SAINT-LAURENT, QC, Oct. 5, 2022 /CNW/ - At its General Meeting on October 4, Saint-Laurent Council adopted its budget for 2023. Totalling $78,377,000, it represents an increase of $1,823,400 over the $76,553,600 budget adopted for 2022, and $494,600 from the surplus was used to achieve a balance.

Saint-Laurent adopts a $78.4 M budget and $92.6 million Ten-Year Capital Investment Program. (CNW Group/Ville de Montréal - Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent)
Saint-Laurent adopts a $78.4 M budget and $92.6 million Ten-Year Capital Investment Program. (CNW Group/Ville de Montréal - Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent)

At the same meeting, for the third time, Council also adopted a Ten-Year Capital Investment Program. With a budget of $96.2 M, as its name indicates, this Program covers a ten-year period. By completion, the different projects it comprises will represent $183 million in investments to benefit the community. Covering the years 2023 to 2032, this period offers greater flexibility for the rollout of priority projects.

Budget overview

With respect to operating expenses, $11.9 M is allocated for general administration; $1.4 M for public security; and $5.4 M for environmental health, which includes, for example, maintenance of the local waterworks and sewage system. A total of $1.4 M is slated for health and well-being, $6.1 M for land use planning, urban planning and development, and $32.3 M for recreation and culture, including park maintenance. Finally, $19.9 M is reserved for transport, which includes roadwork and snow removal.

In line with the rise in inflation in 2022, local tax indexing will translate into an increase, in 2023, of approximately $60 compared to 2022 municipal taxes for a property comprising five or fewer housing units, based on an average value of $641,000 for this type of dwelling in Saint-Laurent.


"Once again, our departments have accomplished a major feat in devising a budget and a ten-year capital investment program that will help ensure the development and longevity of our assets and also, the completion of the priority actions under our strategic plan and our Climate Emergency Plan, while we are at the mercy, like Saint-Laurent families, of the prevailing economic backlash. The challenge was even greater because the transfers granted by the Ville, representing around 75% of the total budget, remained indexed at 2%, a figure far below current inflation. Saint-Laurent's administration therefore had to take into consideration this deficit, which detracts from its buying power, in its calculations to ensure it maintains the quality of its services, and this, in a context of a labour shortage. This latter exercise is another fine example of our administration's resilience and thoroughness."

Alan DeSousa, the Mayor of Saint-Laurent


2023 Budget

Allocation of main income sources:

  • Transfers from Ville de Montréal, including anticipated
    income from construction permits: $57,202,900

  • Local tax income: $15,499,400

  • Local fee income: $5,180,100

  • Surplus allocation: $494,600

  • Total: $78,377,000

Breakdown of main expenses by activity:

  • General administration: $11,939,600

  • Land use planning, urban planning and development: $6,120,300

  • Environmental health: $5,358,500

  • Recreation and culture: $32,273,700

  • Health and well-being: $1,420,900

  • Public security: $1,392,600

  • Transport: $19,871,400

  • Total: $78,377,000

Priority actions in 2023: operating budget and Capital Investment Program

  • With the support of budget input from Montréal, complete the second phase of the Biodiversity Corridor, called "Ecological food zones" to promote urban farming on public land.

  • Redevelop several parks, including Houde and Caron.

  • Replace the outdoor swimming pool basins, including the one in Parc Marlborough.

  • Renovate the baseball, bocce, basketball and tennis courts.

  • Secure and add greenery to the Centre des loisirs exterior.

  • Upgrade six dog parks.

  • Develop urban green promenades combining biodiversity and urban appeal.

  • Prepare the development plan for the Jules-Poitras community and school hub.

  • Complete several repairs in the local road system.

  • Launch operations at la Maison Robert-Bélanger by spotlighting its historical and heritage cachet, and urban farming.

  • Restore and expand natural settings.

  • Manage the ash trees located in natural settings.

The Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent's 2023 budget and 2023-2032 Ten-Year Capital Investment Program will be forwarded to Montréal City Council for imminent adoption.

About the Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent

A city established in 1893, Saint-Laurent became one of Montréal's 19 boroughs in 2002. Located in the northern part of the island of Montréal, its 42.8 square kilometres make this borough the largest in the city of Montréal. Its population of over 100,000, is one of the most multicultural. Having become a "sustainable municipal territory" in early 2019, sustainable development, and environment protection in particular, are at the heart of all its decisions—a challenge that is all the greater since more than 70% of its territory is devoted to industrial and commercial activities, with over 4500 companies and 110,000 jobs. It is in fact one of Québec's main industrial and technological centres. Already boasting great accessibility to the main highways and public transit, Saint-Laurent is getting ready to welcome 5 train stations within the new Réseau express métropolitain (REM) light rail network. And last but not least, with its two libraries, its Centre des loisirs (recreation centre), its new Sports Complex, its arena and some 50 parks, Saint-Laurent offers a wide range of services in many fields, such as culture, sports and recreation. In this way, the Borough ensures a high quality of life for the families and businesses.

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