Will Sacramento see rain as atmospheric river brings wet weather to Northern California?

With fall comes rain, and some Northern California areas are bracing for heavier amounts than others. The Sacramento region is expected to receive very light rainfall.

An atmospheric river storm was predicted to bring precipitation and high wind to Northern California early this week. That’s still expected to happen with chances in Sacramento now being roughly 20%, said meteorologist Brian Ochs with the National Weather Service.

The areas expected to be hit with the most rain — with an about 60% chance and a little over a quarter of an inch — will be the Sierra Nevada as well as portions of Redding, Eureka and Weaverville.

“Pretty much anywhere along the coast as well,” Ochs said.

Atmospheric rivers are tropical storms fueled by arduous amounts of rain being pushed upward, according to the American Meteorologist Society. The first of the season will also bring wet conditions near the Oregon border.

Meteorologists are urging motorists to drive cautiously over the next couple of days as roads could become slick from the rain, according to a Sunday post from the weather service on X, formally known as Twitter.

Conditions are predicted to clear up by Tuesday morning but drivers are still cautioned to slow down and increase their following distance between cars.

Weather in Sacramento

Weather in the capital region is forecast to remain sunny with a high of 77 degrees on Monday with increasing clouds towards nightfall, according to the weather service.

Wind speeds are predicted to range between 6 and 10 mph between Monday and Wednesday. If it rains, precipitation will hit between Monday afternoon and early Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, you could wake up to cloudy skies but they’re expected to clear up by the afternoon. The temperature high is forecast to be 80 degrees and the low 57 degrees.

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