Sacramento-area nightclub temporarily loses its liquor license after shootings, fights

A Citrus Heights nightclub will lose its liquor license for 30 days after two shootings on its property within two weeks of each other last year, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control announced Tuesday.

Rocky’s 7440 Club is legally barred from serving alcohol for the next 30 days, according to an ABC media release.

The club at 7440 Auburn Blvd. will also face restrictions on outdoor alcohol service and serving hours when it gets its license back. It will be required to staff two uniformed security guards whenever live entertainers perform.

The ABC began investigating Rocky’s 7440 Club after Citrus Heights Police and community members filed complaints with the state agency, according to the release. Police had responded to the club numerous times over the last year for reports of DUI, theft, battery and public intoxication.

The highest-profile call, though, came when police arrived to find four people shot and large fights broken out across Rocky’s parking lot last May. Validated gang member Camilo Saenz was later charged with three felonies in connection with the shooting; he remains in Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center with the case ongoing.

Less than two weeks later, two more people were shot in that same parking lot shortly after 2 a.m. Rocky’s had been open from 6 a.m. through 2 a.m. seven days per week, the maximum amount of time allowed for any California bar.

Rocky’s liquor license could be revoked entirely if similar offenses continue to occur over the next three years, the ABC release said. It was purchased in 2006 by Rocky Moffitt, who had risen from bartender to general manager over the prior eight years.