Sacha Baron Cohen reveals scary video of escape from gun rally that wasn't in the 'Borat' sequel

It’s no secret that Sacha Baron Cohen was chased off stage after pranking a gun rights rally early this past summer, but on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday night, Cohen shared video of the incident. Cohen said he only got found out because he wasn’t the only one at the rally under cover. A Black Lives Matter protest had sent some of their own into the rally incognito to check out the situation after militia groups had been antagonistic, and some BLM protesters were planning to confront them. Instead, one of the BLM protesters who was there under cover recognized Cohen as he led a sing-along of an incredibly racist, hateful song, and the word got out. The video shows young men rushing the stage and Cohen making a quick exit to a waiting vehicle. We are then shown inside the vehicle as Cohen fights to keep the door closed as rally goers hindered his escape. Cohen also revealed that one man who rushed the stage reached for his gun but was stopped by a security guard.