Sabrina and Lauren to battle for Max’s affection in Coronation Street

Sabrina Adetiba and Lauren Bolton will battle for the affection of Max Turner this week on Coronation Street.

Max, played by Paddy Bever, has been trying to get his life back on track ever since he returned from the Secure Training Centre (STC), which he was sent to due to his involvement with an extremist group.

Now, Max will have to navigate his way through a love triangle as Lauren, played by Cait Fitton, tries to get between Max and Sabrina, played by Luana Santos.

Cait Fitton
Cait Fitton plays Lauren Bolton in Coronation Street (PA Wire/Danny Lawson)

Lauren, Max’s ex, attempts to wind up Sabrina by making out that she and Max are an item and even though Max tells Sabrina that this is not the case, Sabrina is left unsettled.

Angered, Lauren destroys her friendship with Max by smashing up the salon, which leads to her getting arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

This week’s episodes will also see Max and Sabrina make their relationship official, and Lauren move into a flat at the precinct where Sabrina lives.

When asked about Max’s current mindset, Bever said: “Max is torn in between two people that he cares very much about when Lauren moves into the flat next door to Sabrina.

“I think Sabrina is a really good influence on Max, she’s been responsible for growing him up a lot.

“I see it as Sabrina is his head and Lauren is his heart, but I think he’s acknowledged that his heart is also with Sabrina a bit.

Paddy Bever
Paddy Bever’s character Max Turner finds himself in a love triangle (PA Archive/Suzan Moore)

“I think Max is realising that actually, just because Sabrina isn’t his first love, doesn’t mean that he can’t recognise his feelings for her.

“Even if you marry someone and have children with them, you’ll never love anyone like you love your first love.

“But for Max and Sabrina, I think she’s really good for him so let’s hope that they become a little power couple.”

Speaking on whether she thinks the three characters could ever be friends, Fitton added: “Yes I’d like to think so.

“Lauren’s moving next door to Sabrina, which is obviously going to cause a bit of drama, but I would really like them all to come together.

“Lauren might not agree with Sabrina, and Sabrina might not like Lauren because of what’s happened, but we all make mistakes.”

Discussing how she thinks her character might feel about Lauren moving into a flat near her, Santos said: “Sabrina’s definitely hesitant. I feel like with her being Max’s ex… she’s going to be so wary and cautious of Lauren.”

Coronation Street airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm.