Rylan Clark's X Factor secret

Rylan Clark only applied for 'The X Factor' to buy a new car.

The 35-year-old star auditioned for Simon Cowell's popstar search show in 2012 and has gone on to become one of Britain's most popular broadcasters but Rylan admitted he had no long-term plans when he first signed up for 'The X Factor'.

He told The Mirror: "I never intended what happened for me, to happen. I’ll tell you the Gods honest truth, the reason I went on 'X Factor' was my car just broke down, right? Patsy the Peugeot, long may she rest.

"I thought, if I could go on that show, last one week of live shows, get a couple of gigs in some gay clubs, earn about 20 grand, I’ll be able to get a new Patsy, buy my mum a new front door, and might be able to start renting somewhere on my own as I was still living with my mum at the time.

“Well I’ve built three houses and now I drive a Range Rover so I’ve done alright!”

And, if it all went away tomorrow, he thinks he would be fine.

He said: "I don’t know tomorrow, but if it all flies away, I’ve got them two houses. That is the worst case scenario - living with my mum again.

"I was very, very lucky that I was on 'X Factor' at a time that it did still make people. And celebrity in those days was a lot more of a currency than what it is nowadays.

"Now anyone can be famous by taking their phone and saying the right or wrong thing. And then we all know about it. We all know that you can be in someone’s living room 24/7 just by holding your palm up, whereas in those days you couldn’t…"