Rylan Clark ‘has raunchy sex show axed by Channel 4’

Rylan Clark has reportedly had his raunchy sex show axed by Channel 4.

The 35-year-old presenter was fronting discussion series ‘Sex Rated’ but bosses are said to have ditched it after only one run.

According to TVZone, the show has been dumped “to make way for a new dating show they hope can be even wilder”.

Rylan talked bedroom antics on the E4 show with its guests, with one segment including them getting a merciless review on their sexual skills from previous partners.

The guests were from eclectic backgrounds, and they were after feedback and advice in order to find out where they were going wrong and how they could spice up their sex lives.

One of them, called Elizabeth, told how she loved outdoor sex so much she romped on a friend’s lawn.

Her partner at the time said she could orgasm 30 times, and she added one word – “bonkers” – could turn her on “again and again”.

It’s been reported TV bosses are now focusing on replacing it with a show called ‘Love Triangle’.

It will see six singletons searching for a partner out of two potential suitors, using text messages to make their choices.

They will be known as ‘Pickers’ and will choose one partner each to go on a blind date before they move in together to fast-track their romance.

Rylan told ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ about his sex show: “Channel 4 wanted to do a show that was sex positive, which I think is very important – you know I’ve been a single man now for two years.

“I believe you should be positive about things like sex, but wanting to have an entertainment spin to it but not horrible… I’ll ask you to rate yourself out of 10 for a number of different subjects to do with sex, and we’ll have a little chat and say, ‘Oh I rate myself an eight for this, a seven for this, a 10 for that’.

“Then we get two of your exes out that have also rated you as well and then we compare those numbers and then I’m sure everyone, me included, have all got different things we can work on in the bedroom.

“We then have our sex-pert Ruby, and we the do our sex-ercise.”