Rylan Clark left terrified and unable to sleep after finding snake in his home

Rylan Clark shared his terror on social media after he found a grass snake in his home on Tuesday night.

It’s not the first time the BBC Radio 2 DJ has found a serpent in his property, having documented finding another inside his Brentwood home last year.

Now, the TV presenter took to Instagram to plead with his followers for help after catching site of the snake on his security cameras.

Sharing footage of the reptile in his home, the 34-year-old wrote: “OH MY F***ING GOD. Noticed one of my cameras had moved. THAT B*****D IS BACK SEND HELP OMG.

The presenter spotted a snake in his pool (Instagram/Rylan)
The presenter spotted a snake in his pool (Instagram/Rylan)


Left petrified by the find, the X Factor alum admitted he “didn’t feel safe” in his Essex home after professionals were unable to locate the serpent.

In a video captioned, “Thanks @gtkanimals . Snake 1 Rylan 0”, the TV star comically explained that while they didn’t find the snake, a frog was found in its place.

He explained: “We didn’t find the snake...the lovely people from GTK Animals, they have some zoo where they find alligators and stuff, I wasn’t really listening because my head... But we haven’t found the snake.

“I’ve come back in and I forgot that I left my belt on the kitchen side and it scared the s*** out of me.

Adding: “So no update on the snake, but we’ve found the frog. So yeah...the snake lives another day.

“I’ll be checking those cameras an we’ll go from there. I won’t be sleeping tonight, have a lovely night.”

Last year, the X Factor alum had another reptile visitor (Instagram/Rylan)
Last year, the X Factor alum had another reptile visitor (Instagram/Rylan)

Last August, the BBC star was left equally terrified when he revealed a snake had made its way inside his home in a series of social media videos.

In one video, he shouted: “A f****ng snake in my house - what do you do? What do you do?

“Can someone tell me what do I do? I think this is why I shouldn’t live alone. I tried to touch it and now it’s moving! Oh my God what is this creature? Will it attack? I don’t know I can’t deal with it.”

Showing the snake slithering towards him, he exclaimed: “Guys it literally just went at me - no!”

Turning the camera on his terrified reaction, he added: ‘The snake it’s moved away, but I don’t think it’s gone out it’s gone in the doors. I’ve been googling can you get killed by them.

“Why is this happening why there is a snake in my house? I knew there was a few snakes in Brentwood but I didn’t think there was actual snakes. You don’t need this on a hangover!”