Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE! Latest scores, updates and results as Team Europe leave USA winless on Friday

Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE! Latest scores, updates and results as Team Europe leave USA winless on Friday

Ryder Cup 2023 LIVE!

The 2023 Ryder Cup got underway in stunning fashion for Team Europe with a Friday to remember. Team USA, who have not won a Ryder Cup away from home since 1993, did not win a single match on the opening day.

Luke Donald opted for foursomes in the opening session and it paid off handsomely as Europe raced out of the blocks. with Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton took down Scottie Scheffler and Sam Burns in the top match, before the exciting pairing of Viktor Hovland and rookie Ludvig Aberg also delivered. Shane Lowry and Sepp Straka sealed a third point, before Rory McIlroy and Tommy Fleetwood sealed the sweep.

The focus shifted to fourball action this afternoon, where the Europeans had to battle much harder but managed to somehow extend their advantage. Rahm, Hovland and Justin Rose all holed massive putts on the 18th green to earn half a point, as the Americans were left stunned in Rome. They will need to pull off a remarkable weekend comeback.

Ryder Cup 2023 latest news

  • Rose caps off sensational opening day for Europeans

  • Rahm with final eagle to stun USA

  • Hovland holes putt to steal half a point

  • Team Europe seal superb foursomes whitewash

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18:08 , Marc Mayo

That’s all for Standard Sport’s coverage of Day One at the 2023 Ryder Cup.

We’ll back back bright and early tomorrow for Saturday’s foursomes and fourballs as Team Europe take a stonking five-point lead into the second day of the competition.

Can Team USA mount a fightback? You can find out right on this very page throughout the weekend. Bookmark it, keep the tab open, write the URL on your hand and take a photo of it. This will be unmissable.

Recap the action of the opening day at the Ryder Cup with Matt’s report from Rome.


Drink it in

17:56 , Marc Mayo

Jon Rahm reflects on his late heroics

17:44 , Matt Verri

“I was trying to get it into the hole - left a few of them short, I wished I wouldn’t have, but I definitely just wanted to get it into the hole and give it a chance. Words of encouragement from Nicolai telling me to go for it and ‘what would Seve do?’ – He would have done something spectacular.

“We both have (been channelling Seve) – he played incredible golf for a Ryder Cup rookie. To go out there and do that, I was quite impressed and he’s only going to get better.”

No red on the board!

17:38 , Matt Verri

Rose/MacIntyre A/S Homa/Clark

17:34 , Matt Verri


Rose rises to the moment and sinks the putt - Europe do snatch half a point.

USA finish the opening day without a win.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:32 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Homa next up - he can put the match finally to bed right here.

Some effort, grazes the edge and drifts past. He can’t believe that didn’t drop.

So then - Rose for half a point.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:31 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

We’re still with Clark, who has covered a few miles on this hole. Not a great chip there either, still work to do for par.

MacIntyre first to putt. Chance for him to be the hero and pile the pressure on Homa with this putt from distance.

Sets it out too high, pace was good though. It’s down to a putt-off between Rose and Homa.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:28 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

The crowds have parted, Clark emerges. Ball is sitting up, it was so bad that he’s found the trampled down rough. Not the shot you want in a nervy moment - water not far beyond that flag.

And he’s about two feet from finding it! Gets way too much on that pitch, one bounce and over the green and he’s very fortunate to not be swimming.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:26 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Great shot from Homa, safely onto the green and leaves himself 15 feet for birdie. Maybe a bit less.

Europe have to be aggressive here, nothing to lose. Rose first up - inside Homa’s ball! Given himself a chance of a birdie.

Now then, Bob MacIntyre. All-out attack. Pulls it, 30 feet long and right.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:22 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Can’t reach in two hitting it like that - it’s off the planet right from Clark. Might have gone beyond all those standing on that side of the fairway.

Anyone’s guess where that has finished.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:20 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Rose is in the bunker... he has a wood in hand!

He’s not fully convinced though, tells MacIntyre to go while he has another think. The Scot also has to dig it out of the rough, leaves himself alongside Homa.

Back to Rose, he’s changed his mind and gone for an iron. Safely back in play too. Three wedge shots to come there.

Now, Clark can reach in two...

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:17 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

MacIntyre and Rose both have 271 yards left on the 18th - Clark 30 yards in front of them

Homa is in the thick stuff, still more than 300 yards out. Safe to say he will not be getting anywhere near the green.

Gets it back in play, ball rolls into the first cut though.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:13 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Homa with a real swipe, miles right with the drive and into the crowd.

Puts all sorts of pressure on Clark, but he steps up and hits a monstrous tee shot! Long, straight... that plays.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:12 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

MacIntyre just finds the right rough and it looks to have settled down in it. Will have to hack at that.

Rose absolutely pipes it down the middle, but it won’t stop rolling... bunker. Really unlucky there, that makes things a bit more difficult.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:07 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Clark to win the match, USA will want this done right now. Don’t need to be risking any drama on the 18th.

No, pushes it and Europe still have a chance of sneaking half a point! Surely not...

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

17:06 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 2UP

Last match left on the course. MacIntyre launches his club to the ground, pushes that way left.

Clark from the rough, playing by himself pretty much with Homa in trouble off the tee. Bit clumsy, ten feet for par.

MacIntyre has done very well to hack something out of the rough, leaves himself a similar putt. Rose does even better... a foot short. Briefly looked to be trickling in.

Rahm shocked himself!

17:03 , Matt Verri

Rahm/Hojgaard A/S Scheffler/Koepka

17:00 , Matt Verri

Scheffler and Koepka both find the green, leave themselves decent looks at birdie.

Could all be irrelevant though, Rahm is eyeing up his eagle putt. This to tie up the match in dramatic fashion.

SLAMS IT IN! HE’S DONE IT! Pops up off the back of the cup and lands in, it’s a half point each. Brilliant result for the Europeans, two eagles in the last three holes for Rahm.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

16:58 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 2UP

Not done yet!

Homa pulls his shot into the water, and Clark can’t find the green either... it’s dry though.

Europe still have hope.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

16:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 2UP

MacIntyre races his eagle putt past the hole, he’s got work to do now for birdie. This to tie the hole.

Can’t make it! That’s a really frustrating three putt, USA win the hole and they are two up with two to play.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:55 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Sublime from Rahm! His second trickles onto the front of the green, he’ll have a great look at eagle on the final hole. Koepka meanwhile dumps his second shot ten rows back into the crowd.

Hojgaard from the thick stuff, great effort to leave himself just over ten feet for a birdie.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick beat Morikawa/Schauffele 5&3

16:52 , Matt Verri

Victory sealed in the final match!

Matt Fitzpatrick has his first Ryder Cup point, deserves it too after that stunning start he made to the round.

Europe lead by five points.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:52 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, USA 1UP

Hojgaard getting a bit ragged in these closing stages, Rahm doing it himself. The rookie slices his second shot on the par five into the crowd.

Scheffler with his second, right of the green but still in play and a simple enough chip from there.

Hovland/Hatton A/S Thomas/Spieth

16:48 , Matt Verri

Clutch from Thomas, holds his nerve and sinks the putt.

What a match that was and it ends with both taking half a point. Thrilling right from the first hole.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:47 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, A/S


Hovland’s putt teases everyone, tricking towards the hole and it just about drops over the front edge. Shane Lowry going mental in the background.

Europe in for a four - Thomas will have a few feet to tie the match.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

16:46 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Glorious from MacInytre - finds the green with his drive and he’ll have a look at eagle.

But it’s even better from Clark, a couple of feet inside MacIntyre. The standard of golf this afternoon has been astonishing.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:44 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, A/S

Hatton from the bunker, looking to get up and down for birdie.

Hmm... 6/10. Flies it too far and doesn’t get enough spin on it, he’s got an outside chance of making a four but not much more than that.

Here’s what it will come down to. Thomas is ten yards or so short of the green, just in the first cut. He’s usually so good at these.

WOW - almost holes it! Rolls a few feet past, just so good again.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:42 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, A/S

Fourth shot for Spieth, and he’s ripped it back into the water! Well - Thomas vs Europe it is.

Hovland with his third, bit out to the right but will have a look at birdie. He’s not happy with it though - 15 feet for his four.

As animated as he’s ever been!

16:39 , Matt Verri

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

16:37 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Test for Homa, who is taking his sweet time over this putt. He’s got 15 feet to tie the hole - drifts by.

Clark will have a chance to do the job himself, he’s a couple of feet closer. This to keep the Americans two up.

MISSES. Hits the same putt as Homa - Europe have lift in that match!

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:34 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, USA 1UP

Back to the 17th, where Scheffler and Rahm are going toe-to-toe.

Rahm first, feel like he has to make this putt. Dear me, he’s left it short! Dribbles it towards the hole, line was fine but never had enough speed. Don’t think he can believe he’s done that.

Scheffler then. So much talk about his putting, but this is dead centre! Never anywhere else.

USA one up heading to the 18th!

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

16:31 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, Europe 4UP

Schauffele with a putt from five feet or so to win the hole and get it back to three down, having been six down not so long ago.

Makes a mess of it though and he’s still got work to do on the way back, he’s not been given the par putt. Schauffele cleans it up, but Europe are four up with four to play.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:29 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S


Rahm in tight, the world number one responds in ridiculous fashion. He’s about an inch from dunking it for a hole-in-one... the pitch mark is basically the edge of the cup!

He’s got an even better birdie look than Rahm.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:28 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, A/S

Thomas pipes his drive, he’s alongside Hatton in the first cut. Just short of the bunker.

Spieth a bit further left of those two balls, he finds the thicker rough.

Man for the big occasion!

16:27 , Matt Verri

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:26 , Matt Verri

Hole 18, A/S

Our first look at 18 today. 589 yards, par five.

Hovland gets too much fade on the drive, clatters into a tree and drops into the rough. Hatton is there for him and Europe though, finds the fairway. Perfect.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:25 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S

To the 17th, Europe on a high after that Rahm chip-in.

Well that’s brought down the mood a bit, Hojgaard pulls it into the water left of the green. All on Rahm, Spaniard needs to rise to the occasion again.

STUNNING. Pitches it about two feet from the pin, leaves himself a great look at birdie.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:23 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S

Hovland and Hatton both have good looks at birdie, neither can make the putt though.

Thomas now from a similar range, can he give the USA the lead heading to the 18th tee? No, weak effort and well short.

It’s all square with one to play!

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:21 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, A/S


It has absolutely erupted around the course, everyone in Rome has heard that roar.

Sensational from Rahm. Chips in for eagle, that second match is all square with two to play!

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:20 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Scheffler and Koepka both hit really nice bunker shots, would back them both to make birdies now.

Hojgaard might need to hold his long eagle putt to win the hole...

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

16:18 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 2UP

This is the match that USA have good control of and it could get better, Rose still has work to do to tie this hold.

Makes the putt, important to keep Europe in it. Homa and Clark still in charge though.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:15 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S

This is ridiculously good golf. Thomas has to respond to Hovland and Hatton - does just that. He’s in that same 15-feet range for birdie.

Can Spieth complete the set? No, leaks that out to the right. Kicks out of the thick stuff, but still in the rough. He’ll probably chip in...

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:14 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

SHOT! Hojgaard carries the green with his drive, he’ll have a look at eagle!

What a time for that from the rookie.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:13 , Matt Verri

Hole 17, A/S

Huge shot at a huge moment. Hovland throws it all the way back there on the par-three, crowd absolutely love it and so does he. Just holds the back of the green, 15 feet for birdie.

Hatton looking for something similar, it’s even better! So impressive from the European pair.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:10 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, A/S

Hatton from just off the front of the green. Putter in hand, this for eagle and the hole. He hasn’t hit it at all.

Thomas then has the chance to be the hero again, putt to halve the hole. MISSES!

All square with two play in the top match!

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

16:09 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, Europe 4UP

McIlroy inside ten feet, this to win the hole and ensure there is no drama to come in that final match.

No, can’t make it. Morikawa and Schauffele won’t quite go away.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

16:07 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

Spieth in the water off the tee, so Thomas needs to get up and down from about 20 yards short of the green. This is his game.

And as ever it’s superb, zips back to about five feet. Pressure right back on the Europeans.

Hovland from the bunker on the left, runs down the slope but still a bit of work to do for his birdie.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:06 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Well then! Koepka from range, rolls in the birdie putt and he shows some emotion.

USA lead in that match - they lead in the top three matches now. The comeback is well and truly on.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

16:01 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, A/S

Rahm safe, but best part of 30 feet long. Basically him against the American duo with Hojgaard a mile left.

Scheffler gets inside of that, still plenty of work to do for birdie though. These matches really are going down to the wire!

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

16:00 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, Europe 4UP

Morikawa from 20 feet, two putts from here is enough for the USA to snatch another hole back. Two is what he takes.

The Europeans were six up, that’s been cut to four. They won’t want to let Morikawa and Schauffele get too many back...

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:59 , Matt Verri

Hole 16, USA 1UP

The European boys have to go for the green, no chance.

Hovland with a bit too much draw, finds the bunker short right. Hatton’s drive is on a perfect line... front of the green! And he gets a big huge from Hovland.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

15:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 2UP

Big moment in the first match and a big one in the third!

Clark from 20 feet, rolls in the putt and all of a sudden the Americans are two up in that one. The red is starting to spread...

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:55 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Some shot from Thomas, superb pitch and gets it to stop dead, about six feet beyond the pin.

Hatton then with the first chance to win the hole for Europe, can’t take it. Hovland has an even better opportunity though.

HOW?! It dribbles towards the front of the cup, but tails off and stops bang on the edge. That could be a decisive moment.

Thomas to halve the hole, would be a complete steal... MAKES IT! Massive reaction too.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:47 , Matt Verri

Hole 15, USA 1UP

Europe not done in this top match, not by a long way. Hovland leaves himself about ten feet for birdie, with Hatton also just about within range.

Thomas looks to have a good lie in the fairway bunker. Swung hard at it, can’t make it to the false front and the ball rolls 20 yards back.

Spieth also struggling to make par - Europe on the charge.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

15:44 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, A/S

I said Hojgaard was out of the hole... absolutely not! Rolls in his birdie putt, Rahm can pick his ball up.

Two good looks for Scheffler and Koepka to match the rookie. Scheffler can’t do so, drifts past the edge. All on Koepka to stop the Europeans edging in front.

A man for the big occasion, Koepka ensures there’s nothing in the match still with four to play.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

15:42 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, USA 1UP

Homa with an eagle attempt, gets really aggressive and that’s not far off ten feet past. Wow.

MacIntyre with a putt for a three of his own, doesn’t make it but it a kick-in birdie.

Home doesn’t need to worry about his ball, Clark drains it from 30 feet, maybe more. Hole is halved.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

15:40 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, A/S

Koepka in the fairway, chance to stick one close. And it’s absolutely superb - five feet for birdie, if that.

Hojgaard is a long way left off the tee, so could be down to Rahm here. First though Scheffler, who gives himself a good birdie look too.

Here is Rahm, 155 yards out. Brilliant! Goes toe-to-toe with Koepka.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

15:35 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, Europe 5UP

After winning six holes in a row in this match, the momentum has stalled a bit for Team Europe.

Fitzpatrick with a ten-foot putt to tie the hole, for once he can’t drain it. Lead is cut to five - not exactly a disaster yet...

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:34 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 1UP

Hovland’s birdie attempt from distance is rolled up to within a couple of feet.

USA with two par putts to pile the pressure on Hatton. Spieth leaves his short, Thomas... rolls by. Good effort.

Hatton has two putts for the hole, one will do! Back to within one.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:30 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 2UP

Spieth slashes at the ball, does well to keep that on the green. Long putt for his par coming up though. Thomas meanwhile is up to his waist in the rough, not sure how he’s even found this ball.

And it’s an unbelievable shot! Scares the hole on the way past, leaves himself 20 feet.

Hatton might need to make his birdie putt here...

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

15:27 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, A/S

Rahm from the front of the green, decent effort and that’s Europe in for a par.

Koepka gives up on his birdie attempt early, didn’t like that at all. Over to Hojgaard - chance here to win the hole and edge Europe in front in this match.

Poor putt though, pulled that a long way.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:25 , Matt Verri

Hole 14, USA 2UP

Horror show from the Americans on this hole. Spieth hacking it around, leaves himself well short of the green and in the really thick stuff.

And Thomas then flies everything, into some even thicker rough!

Hovland is safely on the green, and Hatton then gives himself a really good like at birdie. Europe should be winning the hole from here.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

15:24 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, A/S

Scheffler misses the green with wedge in hand, but Koepka has his back. Lovely shot, leaves himself ten feet for birdie.

Hojgaard steps up and hits a great one too though, inside Koepka. Europe needed that.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

15:20 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, USA 1UP

Rose keeps Europe in the hole, holes from six feet and then pumps his fist to the crowd.

Only a couple of feet left for Clark, European duo want to see it though. He makes it as expected to keep himself and Homa one up.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

15:17 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, A/S

Brilliant approach shot from Scheffler, now just the small matter of heating his putter up.

He’s got a big chance to win the hole and put USA up in three matches - leaves it just short. Let-off for Rahm and Hojgaard.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

15:14 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, Europe 6UP

American cheers starting to be heard around the course.

Morikawa drains his putt from distance, the momentum is definitely starting to shift in these four matches.

Can McIlroy reply? Of course! Makes birdie himself, hole is halved.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:13 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 2UP

Great roll from Thomas, very nearly makes birdie.

Over to Hovland, this is a huge putt in the match. Gave it a go, aggressive putt but it just misses on the low side.

Third time lucky? Spieth to win the hole... bang. USA in charge of this top match now!

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

15:11 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, Europe 6UP

America already running out of time in this match.

Morikawa with 15 feet for birdie, McIlroy matches him. European duo eyeing a seven up lead with eight to play.

Matt Majendie in Rome

15:07 , Matt Verri

There’s been some stunning outfits so far today.

I’ve just seen some Roman centurions marching purposely past the media centre with a giant umbrella in hand trying to at least partially shade themselves from the scorching sun overhead at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:06 , Matt Verri

Hole 13, USA 1UP

Europe need to find something in this top match.

Thomas and Spieth both safely on, neither particularly close too. Hovland sends the wedge right over the flag, spins back to 20 feet or so.

Hatton then hits a really poor shot, he hasn’t had his game at all the last hour or so.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

15:03 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, USA 1UP

Rose halves the deficit!

Homa misses his birdie putt, Rose left with just a few feet to win the hole. Not going to miss from there, Team Europe very much still alive in that mattch.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

15:00 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, USA 1UP

Hovland’s birdie attempt is a really poor one. Six feet left for par, short and he missread it. Not a great combination. Hatton can’t make his four either.

Spieth then to win the hole and give American the lead in this top match. Makes it - here comes the charge.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

14:58 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, A/S

The Americans are starting to find something.

Wonderful chip from Rahm secures his birdie, leaves Scheffler needing to hole from 15 feet for a half.

He does exactly that - big fist pump from the world number one.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:57 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, A/S

Spieth from the front of the green, chips it up to inside five feet. Ensures Thomas can give this eagle putt a good run.

Not a great read though, falls away to his right and Thomas still has a few feet left for his birdie. That wasn’t the plan.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:54 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, A/S

Thomas’ approach is a good one, 20 feet or so for eagle.

Hatton and Hovland were both in trouble off the tee, the Englishman does find the green but he’s there for three. Very much advantage USA.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

14:51 , Matt Verri

Hole 9, Europe 6UP

Lovely chip from behind the green from Fitzpatrick, having flown everything with his approach.

Schauffele misses his birdie putt, but Morikawa has a pretty good look at eagle. Good putt, just drifts by. Safely in for a four.

McIlroy has three feet or so for a half, safely in. Six up at the turn.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:47 , Matt Verri

Hole 12, A/S

Monstrous drive from Thomas on the par five, he’s going to have little more than a wedge for his second. This match is going right to the wire, it feels like.

Hovland and Hatton have their work cut out to stop America getting on the board...

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

14:42 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, A/S

Not a great hole this from the Europeans, Hojgaard has a par putt and Rahm isn’t even on the green for three.

The Spaniard can’t make his chip, Hojgaard’s putt is missed and they concede the hole. That second match is level again.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:40 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, A/S

Thomas’ birdie putt rolls on by, before Hatton sinks his! Hasn’t holed much today, that will improve his mood slightly.

Spieth has a few feet for this three to tie the hole - can be a bit shaky from this range. Not this time, rock solid.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

14:38 , Matt Verri

Hole 9, USA 2UP

Chance for USA to go two up in a match, something they haven’t done all day.

Clark on the ninth green in two, eagle putt for the American. Gives it a good run too, just catches the lip on its way past.

MacIntyre has the opportunity to make his four and earn what will likely be a half. Not a great putt, pulled.

So back to Clark, a second chance to win the hole. He takes this one.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

14:34 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, Europe 1UP

Rahm getting a bit heated out there. Hates his drive, launching his tee into the ground, and he has to just hack away at the rough to get his ball up towards the green.

Similar story for Hojgaard, who also can’t make it up the false front. Europeans paying the price for two poor drives.

Scheffler safely on the putting surface for the Americans.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

14:28 , Matt Verri

Hole 8, Europe 6UP

McIlroy misses his par putt, he continues to be carried in this match!

Fitzpatrick from a few feet, never anywhere else but the bottom of the cup. Europe remain 6UP, eight holes played.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:27 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, A/S

The Americans have to go for it, after those drives from Hovland and Hatton.

Thomas pulls it slightly, so it goes a bit further, and it sits down in the thick rough behind the green. Will be a bit of a hack out.

Spieth last up - catches the slope and rolls off to the right of the green.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:25 , Matt Verri

Hole 11, A/S

Spieth cleans up on the tenth hole, that top match remains level.

Up to the 11th they go, Hovland on the tee and it’s an almighty drive... carries it to the back of the green. That will be for eagle.

Not sure Hatton has got that in the locker, but he’s in a great position just off the front of the green.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

14:19 , Matt Verri

Hole 9, Europe 1UP

Rahm with a poor three-putt, that will really annoy him.

Scheffler rolls his eagle attempt a few feet past the hole, but he makes the one on the way back to win the hole. Europe’s lead cut to one.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

14:17 , Matt Verri

Hole 8, USA 1UP

Huge putt from Homa! He looked to be out of the hole but he drains the par putt from a long way out.

Now then, pressure really on the Europeans. Two attempts to get a half.

One is enough - Rose gets the job done. Still just one down in that match.

Hovland/Hatton vs Thomas/Spieth

14:14 , Matt Verri

Hole 10, A/S

Hovland likes his approach, take a firm bounce though and finds the rough behind the green. Shouldn’t be too problematic though.

Thomas then with a massive club twirl, he loves this! Not as good as he made it seems, 20 feet or so short. And Hatton is as cheery as ever as he pulls his iron shot a long way left. He’s looking around for things to blame.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

14:11 , Matt Verri

Hole 8, USA 1UP

This the only match that Team USA are currently leading. Fairly miserable apart from that.

MacIntyre with a chance to level it up again, outside chance though from distance. And it’s nowhere near, leaves himself a good six feet still for par. Not what he wanted.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick v Morikawa/Schauffele

14:08 , Matt Verri

Hole 7, Europe 6UP

But McIlroy is there to mop up for him!

The Northern Irishman rolls in his birdie putt, first time has been required to get involved. Europe are six up after seven holes.

Morikawa and Schauffele looks absolutely stunned.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick v Morikawa/Schauffele

14:06 , Matt Verri

Hole 7, Europe 5UP

Schauffele just in the rough, ball trickled through the green. Not bad, ball rolls on a few feet. Couldn’t really control the spin.

Morikawa meanwhile takes a big hack from the thick stuff, can’t keep it on the green. This match one the Americans will be keen to forget as quickly as possible.

Now what we’re all here for. Fitzpatrick, best part of 25 feet for birdie. Wow that was close... nearly had seven in a row. Par it is.

Scores around the course...

14:02 , Matt Verri

Hovland/Hatton v Thomas/Spieth - A/S (9)

Rahm/Hojgaard v Scheffler/Koepka - Europe 2 up (8)

MacIntyre/Rose v Homa/Clark - USA 1 up (7)

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick v Morikawa/Schauffele - Europe 5 up (6)


Finding form!

13:59 , Matt Verri

Matt Majendie in Rome

13:56 , Matt Verri

Nicolai Hojgaard is a remarkably cool customer.

Jon Rahm was the pick of the European players in the opening foursomes, well, on a par with Viktor Hovland.

But despite a stunning chip on the 8th, the Spaniard is being totally outplayed by by his rookie teammate. That’s three birdies for Hojgaard to Rahm’s none.

In fact, Hojgaard has produced the only birdies in that group.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

13:56 , Matt Verri

Hole 7, Europe 2UP

Hojgaard does it again!

Three birdies in a row for the rookie, who is suddenly carrying this pairing! Brilliant putt and Europe take charge in the second match.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

13:54 , Matt Verri

Hole 6, USA 1UP

Some red!

Rose unable to make his birdie putt, leaving Clark to win the hole as he rolls it in from a few feet.

McIlroy/Fitzpatrick vs Morikawa/Schauffele

13:51 , Matt Verri

Hole 6, Europe 5UP

Fitzpatrick continues his golf from another planet. He’s -6 through six holes. McIlroy isn’t playing particularly well, but he doesn’t need to right now. Watching along with the rest of us.

Morikawa and Schauffele with chances to make birdies of their own and ensure they don’t go five down.

Morikawa... misses. Schauffele.... misses! Five feet, if that, and he pulls it. Europe, or rather Fitzpatrick, is five up through six.

Rahm/Hojgaard vs Scheffler/Koepka

13:48 , Matt Verri

Hole 8, Europe 1UP

Rahm wet with his approach, lots of pressure on Hojgaard now.

He’s up to the task though, safely on the green and he joins Scheffler and Koepka to the right of the pin, 20 feet or so for birdie.

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

13:45 , Matt Verri

Hole 7, A/S

Superb shot from Clark at the par-three seventh, five feet or so for birdie. Homa’s ball just rolled into the fringe.

MacIntyre’s approach is on a wonderful line... deep. He’ll be chipping from the rough.

Rose needs to pull something out here, with Clarke close. Not bad. Tricky 15 foot putt to come though.

All too easy for Fitzpatrick!

13:41 , Matt Verri

Rose/MacIntyre vs Homa/Clark

13:39 , Matt Verri

Hole 6, A/S

It’s starting to heat up all around the course.

Homa from 30 feet, maybe more, and he walks in the birdie putt. Super putt.

Europe have two chances to match the birdie and get themselves a half - one will do. Rose makes his three.

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