Ryan Reynolds tears up receiving Canadian award and song tribute: 'I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup'

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Ryan Reynolds tears up receiving Canadian award and song tribute: 'I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup'

Actor, entrepreneur, and proud Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds received a prestigious Governor General's Performing Arts Award from Canada's Governor General Mary Simon on Saturday, but the greater honor may have been the serenade he got from musician Steven Page assuring him that "Canada loves you back."

After hearing the goofy, catchy tune, in which Page playfully complimented the Red Notice star with lyrics like "Of all the Canadian Ryans, you've gotta be in our top three," Reynolds seemed to be moved to tears.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards/Youtube Ryan Reynolds reacts to Steven Page singing to him, 'Canada loves you back.'

In a tweet sharing the video, which also highlights the charitable work Reynolds has done in his home country, Reynolds joked, "I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup," before admitting "I'm a wreck."

In a night that also saw a bewigged Noah Reid serenading Catherine O'Hara for the Governor General's Lifetime Achievement Award given to her, Reynolds finally received the National Arts Centre Award he was nominated for in 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the ceremony.

The gracious actor followed the video with another tweet, saying, "I'm glad I don't have to be dead to experience something like this. I'm so beyond touched right now."

Addressing his millions of followers, he added, "I recommend making a list of people you appreciate, then immediately telling them. You don't even have to write this list with the blood of your enemies. Just a regular pen works."

Watch the full video honoring Reynolds above.

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