Kate Greville realised she was being 'lured' into relationship after reading psychology book

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Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court on Wednesday
Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court on Wednesday

Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend said she realised she was being "lured" into an affair with him after reading a psychology book, a court has heard.

The ex-Wales manager is accused of assaulting Kate Greville, 36, and subjecting her to controlling and coercive behaviour from August 2017 to November 2020.

Ms Greville told jurors at Manchester Crown Court that she had read How to Win Friends and Influence People for work purposes, and the ex-footballer's actions "mind games" reminded her of it.

The defence told Manchester Crown Court the suggestion Mr Giggs lured Ms Greville into a relationship with psychological tricks was "rubbish".

During her research of coercion, Ms Greville - who said she was "really into psychology" - determined that Mr Giggs had "narcissistic personality disorder" after a Google search.

Two lost phones

The court also heard how Ms Greville had lost two phones after police requested to review them for evidence.

One fell out of her pocket when she was trying to save her dog from a river and the other was stolen by a "young person" as she walked in central Manchester.

Chris Daw QC, for the defendant, told the court: "At the end of last year, you finally allowed police access to a very limited amount of data on the phone. Did you delete anything that might’ve been relevant?"

Ms Greville responded: "I deleted some messages between myself and the person we mentioned previously - the person that worked with PR - to protect him because I didn’t want him associated with this case."

During proceedings it also emerged that just a day before the beginning of the trial, Ms Greville wrote in a statement submitted to the court that she had "become a slave to Mr Giggs, to his every need and every demand".

Asked if she meant that by Mr Daw QC, she said: "That’s what it felt like. When Ryan said do something, I would do it. There was resistance sometimes... I had to do everything he said otherwise there would be consequences."

The jury were shown messages from Mr Giggs to his then on-off girlfriend in which he repeatedly told her how proud he was of her and that she was "amazing" and that he loved her.

One particular read: "Just wanted to remind you how amazing you are and how proud you should be of all you’ve done.

"To move to another country and to do what you’ve done is amazing...everything...the way you make me smile, laugh, turn me on, educate me, even pull my toes…I love you."

Mr Daw QC told the court that this was much more typical of their exchanges during their relationship, as opposed to the foul-mouthed messages highlighted by the Crown.

Ms Greville agreed, saying Mr Giggs would "lovebomb" her with messages, adding: "I literally thought he was the best thing in the world."

The 'blackmail' video

Discussing the "blackmail" video allegedly sent from Mr Giggs to Ms Greville, the defence said it was in fact a video of her and other women dancing in black dresses and Christmas hats to George Michael's Last Christmas.

The court was also reminded of an incident in a Dubai hotel in September 2017 during which Ms Greville said Mr Giggs dragged her out of bed naked by the wrist, causing bruising, following an argument.

The defence argued that Mr Giggs told Ms Greville she needed to leave, and the 36-year-old refused. The court was told that the bruise on her wrist sustained in Dubai was in fact from rough sex.

Mr Daw QC, for Mr Giggs, read out a message to the court from Ms Greville to the ex-footballer, which read: "Tan coming on nicely" and "my sex bruise is coming out nicely too!!"

Ms Greville said she told her friend this because she was "embarrassed".

The court previously heard Mr Giggs had "gaslighted" Ms Greville after cheating on her. He is also alleged to have headbutted her.

Mr Giggs denies the allegations. The trial continues.

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End of day three

That concludes today's proceedings.

Thank you very much for reading, and we'll be back again tomorrow.

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'Not a slave here then?'

Another string of messages were read out to court from when Ms Greville was in Malta with friends, on a holiday paid for by Mr Giggs.

It read:

RG: I love buying you things

KG: I love everything you do for me

RG: For example?

KG: When you pick me up, all the support, all the convos. Everything

Mr Daw QC asked the witness: "Is that the truth, that you appreciated everything he did for you?"

Ms Greville answered: "We were in a really good place at that point in time, we were talking to each other, we were good, you do say these things to your partner."

Mr Daw QC, referring to when Ms Greville described herself as a "slave to Mr Giggs' every demand and every need", Ms Greville said: "Not then."

"Not a slave here then?" asked Mr Daw QC.

"No," Ms Greville said.

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Ms Greville kept catalogue of sexual videos of her and Mr Giggs

We move forward now to May 2019, a period - of which there were many - when Mr Giggs and Ms Greville had split up and were not in a relationship.

Mr Giggs had deleted the catalogue of intimate videos showing himself and Ms Greville together.

Here is the message exchange.

Ryan Giggs (RG): Do you still have our naughty videos?

Kate Greville (KG): Yes, most of them

RG: Send them

RG: Please x

Ms Greville then sent a series of sexual videos, including one of her dancing in a similar fashion to the blackmail video.

Mr Daw QC continues: "After he’s deleted them himself, just six weeks after you say he was threatening to blackmail you with sex tapes... And you sent him a number of such videos. Why not say, 'No, I deleted them?'

Ms Greville added: "Because we were back in a relationship."

Mr Daw QC said: "And it didn’t cross your mind that an issue of you being blackmailed over sex videos might reoccur?"

Ms Greville answered: "I thought he’d changed. It was the same cycle of things, promised me the world, I thought we were in a good place."

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Defence: You wanted to make it look like Mr Giggs was blackmailing you with sex video

Mr Daw QC put it to Ms Greville: "You were wanting to make it look like Mr Giggs was blackmailing you with a possible sex video. But you can see a big difference, can't you, between a video of you dancing of you at a work party to a sex video."

Ms Greville agreed: "There is a huge difference, but I wasn’t trying to hide it. I was saying at the time that he sent it, I thought it was a sexual video, but he made me feel like a sexual video of a sexual nature.

It emerged that the claimant and the defendant "frequently sent yourselves intimate pictures of yourselves".

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'Blackmail' video was Ms Greville dancing to 'Last Christmas'

We're now onto the "blackmail" email.

Ms Greville, in her police interview and in court, made reference to the video attached to the email, which Mr Giggs said he would send to the group, was likely to have been one of a sexual nature.

Mr Daw QC said: "You did make a number of very private videos, didn't you? Very obviously not for sharing with other people."

He added that Mr Giggs in particular had a "significant interest" remaining private owing to his public figure.

Mr Daw QC continued: "He was saying he was going to send the video to the group. In effect - at least at first that blackmailing with a sexual video of people at your work."

Ms Greville answered: "Yes, that was my frame of mind at that time."

"You knew full well it wasn’t," Mr Daw QC said.

"How?", she asked.

Mr Daw QC said: "Because you watched it."

"I don’t recall watching it," she answered.

The defence then produced the video that they say was contained in that email.

It was a video of Ms Greville and a group of women dancing in black dresses and Christmas hats to George Michael's Last Christmas at a work party.

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Ms Greville 'deleted messages' before handing over 'very limited data' to police

Mr Daw QC told Manchester Crown Court: "At the end of last year, you finally allowed police access very limited amount of data on the phone. Did you delete anything that might’ve been relevant?"

Ms Greville responded: "I deleted some messages between myself and the person we mentioned previously - the person that worked with PR - to protect him because I didn’t want him associated with this case.

"I deleted them when my phone got stolen.

"I thought if anyone manages to get on that phone, I didn’t want anything getting out connecting this person."

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Ms Greville 'refused' access to iCloud

Mr Daw QC told the court the police then asked for her iCloud details to get access to that information.

Mr Giggs had surrendered his phone and it was being reviewed, the jury was told.

The defence asked her: “Why refuse access to your iCloud?”

The court was told the decision was two-fold - she didn’t want details of her business revealed and she was worried she might be discredited as a witness.

Asked, “what was on your phone that might discredit you as a witness, she said: “Comments made that it might be made to make like something it wasn’t… like when I said to one of my friends that I needed a plan of attack when I was ready to leave.

“In relation to how I was going to leave in secret and how I wasn’t going to let him know.

“You could twist that like Ryan would twist things to make it sound like something it wasn’t.”

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Ms Greville lost two phones after police had asked to review them

Mr Daw QC asked Mr Greville: "There were a number of occasions where you were asked by police and it was explained to you police officer would review any relevant material. You were reassured nobody else would see it, unless it was relevant to the case."

Ms Greville said: "I wasn’t reassured, they might’ve said those words, but I wasn’t reassured...Nothing would. I didn’t trust anybody at that stage, especially the police, because I thought they were the ones selling the stories."

The court heard how the PR executive lost her phone.

She said: "I tried to rescue my dog in a river, and it slipped out of my pocket into the river."

Mr Daw QC asked if this was the only phone she lost.

"I had another phone which got stolen when I was walking down Market Street, I reported that to the police straight away and I was distraught," Ms Greville said.

"Just the two lost phones?" Mr Daw QC asked, to which the witness said, "yes".

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Mr Giggs' daughter finds Valentine's Day card

Mr Giggs' daughter found a Valentine's Day card in 2018.

It read:


Happy Valentine's Day

Three years ago I didn't think it was possible to be more proud of you than I was

You’re my inspiration, my world, my drive... you rock my world,

Lots of kisses and toe pulling

Kate xxxxx

Ms Greville told the police she felt aggrieved that Mr Giggs was not willing to introduce her to his children earlier, the court was told.

Mr Daw QC said: "One of your issues was Ryan was slow to introduce you to his children, integrate you into the family.

"The three years, when she read the card, and worked out the time. That that must’ve been when he was still married to her mum and she was upset."

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Ms Greville's six-figure salary with Mr Giggs' company

By January 2018, Ms Greville returned to Manchester to work for GG Hospitality, Mr Giggs and Gary Neville's business on six figures.

At the time, Mr Giggs was in the process of being interviewed for the Welsh manager's job - "a fairly intense period for him", he said.

Ms Greville told the court previously Mr Giggs was "paying her no attention".

Mr Daw QC read out a string of messages, which he said proved this wasn't true.

Kate Greville (KG): I’m starting a new job

KG: It’s a big deal

Ryan Giggs (RG): What time do you have to be there?

KG: 9am babes

RG: Want me to take you?

KG: Yes

RG: Well message in the morning

KG: Oh you don’t have to, it’s a long way to come just to take me

Mr Daw QC told the court: "He was incredibly busy at this time - and he was willing to come and take you to your new job."

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Ms Greville confided in Mr Giggs three weeks after Dubai incident

The court heard messages between Ms Greville and Mr Giggs in which she wanted to talk to him about someone being harrassed by their ex.

Mr Daw QC said that three weeks after the alleged hotel incident, why "of all the people" would she want to talk to him about it.

"This is someone you say someone is violent, coercive," he said.

Ms Greville replied: "I wouldn’t have stayed with him...There was a reason I kept going back to him, because he was really nice and was really supportive."

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Question from the jury - what is 'gaslighting'?

A question has come in from the jury - what does gaslighting mean?

Peter Wright QC told the jury: "Just like Googling has now entering the English language, gaslighting is a verb derived from a film called Gaslight, which now in the Oxford English Dictionary - gaslighting is to manipulate a person by psychological means into question his or her own sanity.

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Mr Giggs back in the dock

We're almost ready to get back underway for the afternoon session here at Manchester Crown Court.

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Break for lunch

That's it for the morning session, we'll be back in court at 2.15pm.

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Bruise from Dubai was from 'rough sex', Ms Greville told friend

The court heard how Ms Greville told a friend that a bruise on her wrist sustained in Dubai was from rough sex.

She had told police that this was caused by Mr Giggs dragging her naked out of a hotel bedroom in the UAE.

Ms Greville said she told her friend this because she was "embarrassed".

Mr Daw QC, for Mr Giggs, read out a message to the court from Ms Greville to the ex-footballer, which read: "Tan coming on nicely" and "my sex bruise is coming out nicely too!!"

She told the court: "I said in a phone conversation [with Mr Giggs] that Elsa had noticed it and that I had told her that it happened during sex."

Mr Daw QC responded: "That’s just a complete lie, isn't it? It was a bruise caused by rough sex, the type you both enjoyed."

In her police interview, Ms Greville told officers her "whole arm was really badly bruised", Mr Daw QC told the court.

The jury saw an image sent to Mr Giggs on Oct 4, just days after the alleged incident.

Mr Daw QC said: "We can see your left hand and arms - any sign of bruising? You’re wearing a top with bare arms. And this is at the time you say you had significant bruising to your forearm.

Ms Greville responded: "That’s not a clear picture, it’s not a close-up picture."

Mr Daw insisted this "ruse you just made up is just ridiculous, isn’t it?"

Mr Greville said: "No."

"From time to time, you got bruises from sex," Mr Daw QC suggested.

Ms Greville answered: "Not that I recall."

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Mr Giggs tells Ms Greville he loves 'everything' about her - even way she pulls his toes

Mr Daw QC told the court that rather than the abusive man the Crown has portrayed, Mr Giggs showed his ex-girlfriend support.

He pointed to another message from Mr Giggs to Ms Greville, which he said was much more typical of their exchanges.

It read: "Just wanted to remind you how amazing you are and how proud you should be of all you’ve done.

"To move to another country and to do what you’ve done at Q Comms is amazing...everything...the way you make me smile, laugh, turn me on, educate me, even pull my toes…I love you."

Mr Daw QC put it to Ms Greville: "That tone of supporting and recognising the achievements you had in your job was entirely typical of how he encouraged you from start to finish."

Ms Greville responded: "Not the finish."

She told the jury, through tears: "He really can be I just wanted to get back to that - I didn’t know who the real person was and I felt like it was my fault that he did those things to me because I riled him up too much or maybe not question him about stuff, so I felt bad that he did those things to me, and I felt like it was my fault."

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Defence denies Mr Giggs gave girlfriend ‘cold shoulder’

Ms Greville had previously said Mr Giggs gave her the “cold shoulder” for four to five days after the incident in Dubai, Mr Daw QC told the court.

He then directed the jury to messages sent during that period.

They included one from Ms Greville, which read: “I love you more my gorgeous man, I absolutely adore you. I had the best time as always.”

Another from Mr Giggs read: “Landed baby, I miss you already.”

He then mentioned the drizzly weather and said: “Back to reality and I don’t have my sunshine to cheer me up.”

Mr Daw QC told the court: “This is after you say he’s assaulted you and thrown you naked into a corridor a couple of days earlier?”

Ms Greville then cried in the witness stand.

More messages were then read out to court, including another from Ms Greville which called Mr Giggs her “gorgeous man” and that she wished they were in bed together.

The ex-footballer messaged her the following morning saying he was making “scrambled eggs a la Chef Giggsy”.

After reading the messages, Mr Daw told Ms Greville about her claim Mr Giggs was giving her the silent treatment: "What you’re saying to me now is a complete pack of lies."

12:58 PM

'I suggest to you that none of that is true, it’s completely manufactured'

We now move onto the incident in a hotel room in Dubai in September 2017.

Mr Daw QC suggested that Mr Giggs had asked Ms Greville to leave their hotel room after she didn't believe him that he was messaging his daughter whilst they were out for dinner.

Mr Daw QC said: "What I suggest is that put your things into the suitcase."

Ms Greville interjected: "No, he threw them into the corridor, the suitcase was open."

Mr Daw QC: "I suggest to you that none of that is true, it’s completely manufactured."

He suggested that Ms Greville had infact grabbed hold of him to stop him putting her belongings into the suitcase.

Ms Greville said: "I was completely naked, I didn’t want to stand outside the room naked."

"No deliberate assault," said Mr Daw.

Ms Greville answered: "He did, he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me on the floor."

Mr Daw: "There was no dragging of you anywhere...there was no assault by him...What I say happened that Ryan in fact said in fact if you’re not going to go, he put a blanket and a pillow onto the sofa...He made a bed for you on the sofa."

Ms Greville said this was not "not true"

Mr Daw QC continued: "And later on, you did get back into bed with him when things had subsided," to which Ms Greville agreed.

It was then put to Ms Greville that she didn't contact police or tell anyone about an assault.

She answered: "I didn't admit to the assault because I was embarrassed, I said we’d had an argument and I was late for work. I was very very upset and that was evident that day."

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'I love you Kate you’re my soulmate, you are amazing'

The defence is now taking Ms Greville through messages between the then couple after she had moved to Dubai.

In the messages, Mr Giggs said:

  1. I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved, you should be so proud.

  2. No you’re the one who made the decision to move, you’re the one who built that business up from scratch...I had natural ability who made the most of it, I’ve never been as brave as you.

  3. It will come, just be patient, I love you Kate you’re my soulmate, you are amazing

Mr Daw QC said: "What I suggest is if we look at all these messages, this is far more typical of how you communicated as opposed to the messages we heard yesterday."

Ms Greville replied: "In the early stages, yes, he was very supportive, I felt like he was very supportive and he did make me feel like he was my best friend.

"He lovebombed me, I literally thought he was the best thing in the world, that it was the fairytale that we would end up together, have a family and it would develop into something really serious and stable. That’s what it felt like at the time."

12:20 PM

'Did his public figure and wealth have anything to do with your interest in him?'

Mr Daw QC asked: Did Mr Giggs' public figure and wealth have anything to do with your interest in him?

Ms Greville said: "No. Not in the slightest.

"As a person it made him more attractive because he’d done well and was successful. It wasn't the money side of it or him being a footballer that made him attractive.

"If anything him being a footballer put me off."

12:15 PM

Ms Greville sends pictures of herself to Mr Giggs

We're now being taken through messages from the beginning of the relationship.

Ms Greville had sent Mr Giggs a picture of herself in a crop top and underpants, the court were told.

RG: 'Takes me back to your first abs picture... OMG I'm in love.'

KG: 'It was so f---ing naughty of me to send you that picture.'

RG: 'I know, but you knew what I was doing.'

KG: 'I knew exactly what I was doing.'

Mr Daw QC then asked what she meant by her last message.

He said: "What did you mean by you knew exactly what you were doing by sending that picture?"

Ms Greville said: "I knew that by sending him a picture of my abs in my gym kit, he would like it."

CD: "You knew it would cause him to have more interest in you?"

KG: "Yes."

CD: "That’s really a reflection of what happened, isn’t it?"

KG: "I’m not saying I didn’t play a part in it, I never said I didn’t, but he definitely pushed for it and I knew that he was interested he made me aware he was interested, in that sense I knew what I was doing. I was in an awful relationship with my ex-husband. I needed someone... of course I knew what I was doing. He showed me attention, it was flattering... It was escapism, so of course I knew I was doing."

12:01 PM

Giggs 'luring' Ms Greville into relationship 'rubbish'

Mr Giggs' defence team told the court that the suggestion the ex-footballer lured Ms Greville into a relationship with psychological tricks was "rubbish".

Ms Greville said: "Absolutely not...I was vulnerable I was in a really controlling relationship previously, that’s fact."

11:59 AM

Kate Greville suggests Mr Giggs had narcissistic personality disorder

Chris Daw QC, for the defence, asked Ms Greville: "Had you done any research on coercion?"

She responded: "I’m really into psychology, when everything was happening to me, when I was feeling paranoid and he was making feel crazy, I googled how I was feeling and how this relationship was - and the thing that came up was not coercion but narcissistic personality disorder, that’s what came up and what I was experiencing was exactly the same as that."

CD: "You had in your mind certain ingredients?"

KG: "Those things were already in my mind, and reading about it was just validating how I was feeling."

11:56 AM

'Slave to his every need and every demand

Mr Daw QC continuues: "A Couple of days ago you said 'you became a slave to Mr Giggs, to his every need and every demand'."

Ms Greville: "Yes."

CD: "That statement was on Aug 7, a day before the trial?"

KG: "Yes."

CD: "And you meant that? 'Slave to his every need and every demand'."

KG: "That’s what it felt like. When Ryan said do something, I would do it. There was resistance sometimes... I had to do everything he said otherwise there would be consequences."

CD: "You took the time to make a fairly negative statement."

KG: "That’s how he made me feel, yes."

CD: "In relation to that statement, did you write it yourself?"

KG: "Yes."

CD: "Did anyone help you?"

KG: "No."

CD: "Did you seek any advice about the content?"

KG: "I had the leaflet from police about writing it."

CD: "No lawyer?"

KG: "No."

CD: "Are you planning on seeking a large sum of compensation when this is over?"

KG: "For what?"

CD: "For anything?"

KG: "Absolutely not."

CD: "Do you remember telling Courtney Lang not going to walk away from Mr Giggs with nothing?"

KG: "Yes."

11:52 AM

Cross-examination begins

Chris Daw QC for the defendant began cross-examining Kate Greville.

Chris Daw QC (CD): I'm asking you about the broad history about the relationship with Mr Giggs, in relation to coercion and control. It’s your position that in effect he almost manipulated you into entering a relationship in the first place, there were mind games?

Kate Greville (KG): I was vulnerable, I was in a vulnerable position and he played on that.

CD: Is the broad answer yes?

KG: Based on vulnerabilities, yes.

CD: These weren't two consenting adults, to embark on an affair?

KG: There was a degree of imbalance on my side because of the situation I was in with my ex-husband.

CD: That he had an extraordinary level of control of your life?

KG:  Certain elements of my life

CD: Friendships?

KG: He damaged relationships with my friends, yes, and isolated me from certain people.

CD: Contact with family?

KG He had negative impacts with relationships with my family, yes.

CD: That’s a slightly different point. Did he prevent you from seeing them?

KG: He interfered...

CD: That he repeatedly used violence? 

KG: Repeatedly... it wasn’t regular. There were certain in parts. It wasn’t consistent violence, not regular, there were times in our relationship when he was violent.

CD: Undermined confidence, self-esteem?

KG: So, yes, on the whole he was, but on other side it was like two extremes sometimes he would be and sometimes he would give me the confidence. It wasn't consistently horrible, but hot and cold, two different people, making me feel two extremes,

CD: On the whole he did?

KG: The result of his behaviour in doing that, made me have no self-believe, made me feel insecure.

11:09 AM

Ryan Giggs back in the dock

We're almost ready to get going again.

Ryan Giggs, in a black suit, is sat in the dock and we now await Judge Hilary Manley and the jury.

10:20 AM

Delay to start of proceedings

The start of day three of the trial has been delayed as the court deals with a legal issue.

Kate Greville will re-enter the witness stand later on Wednesday morning.

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Today's paper coverage

Here's how day two of the trial appears in today's Telegraph.

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Recap: You can catch anything you missed here

10:01 AM

Ryan Giggs arrives in court

09:42 AM

The 13 key moments from day two

  1. Kate Greville’s police interview was played to the jury on the beginning of day two, where it was revealed she and Ryan Giggs began a sexual relationship whilst they were both still married to other people and the catalyst for the affair was Ms Greville’s mother asking her to get a signed football shirt

  2. After a stormy start to the relationship, Ms Greville decided to move to Dubai to distance herself from Mr Giggs. The ex-footballer flew to the Middle East to meet her and eventually she returned to Manchester to work for Mr Giggs and Gary Neville’s company GG Hospitality.

  3. A string of messages were read out to the court, detailing their squabbling and arguments.

  4. The court heard how Mr Giggs twice threw Ms Greville out of a hotel bedroom and into the suite’s lounge area after disagreements. On one occasion she said she was physically kicked out of bed before getting a bag containing a laptop at her head. On another occasion she said she had to retrieve her belongings from a corridor with a towel around her.

  5. After one of those incidents, Ms Greville told the court Mr Giggs had said to her: “Yeah, because you accused me of flirting, you made me do it. You make me so angry that you made me do that. It’s bad for me how angry you make me, you need to be careful of that.”

  6. The jury were told about an email sent from Mr Giggs to Ms Greville, which was titled “blackmail” in late 2018 with a video attachment. The body of the message said: “I will send this to the group if you don’t,” meaning a WhatsApp group of her work colleagues that they were both a part of. It had come minutes after Mr Giggs sent Ms Greville a “random” naked picture of himself to her, unprompted.

  7. Ms Greville told the court that Mr Giggs “wanted sex all the time” and that there was “never a time he didn’t want sex”.

  8. The 36-year-old PR executive told the court that Mr Giggs followed her home from the gym and turned up at her flat unannounced during a period where they had broken up, of which there were many during their turbulent relationship.

  9. During another period when they were apart, Mr Giggs was said to have phoned her “50 times in an hour”.

  10. Ms Greville said she searched Mr Giggs’ iPad in the autumn of 2020 which gave her proof of his infidelity. She said he’d had “full-on relationships” with eight women whilst they were together.

  11. She hatched a plan to leave him whilst he was away on managerial duties with Wales, but these plans were accelerated on Nov 1 following an argument at a hotel in Manchester. Ms Greville told the court she had secretly bought a flat and had been speaking to a lawyer about custody for their dog.

  12. As she returned home from the hotel, she text her sister asking her to pack the car with her belongings. But Mr Giggs arrived at the home 10 minutes later, and another argument ensued.

  13. During a scuffle involving mobile phones, Ms Greville said Mr Giggs pushed her head into the floor, and later “deliberately headbutted” her in the lip. She told the court: “All the other times he’d hurt me… this was different. He deliberately tried to hurt me. He looked me straight in the eyes and headbutted me straight in the face.”