RuPaul reveals 2 major Drag Race twists in 1 episode: 'This is some bulls---!'

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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Friday's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

In classique Sue Stroker fashion, Mama Ru loaded a pair of hot stunts into the RuPaul's Drag Race chamber.

At the top of Friday night's episode, the Emmy winner revealed the first pair of major twists of the season 14 narrative — including the return of previously "eliminated" queens Orion Story and Daya Betty, who were thought to have sashayed away at the end of episodes 1 and 2, respectively.

Orion Story and Daya Betty return
Orion Story and Daya Betty return

World of Wonder/VH1 Daya Betty and Orion Story return to 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 14.

"You just brought back Thelma and Louise! This is some bulls---!" a hilariously confused June Jambalaya quipped in a confessional shortly after both queens rejoined their sisters in the Werk Room.

RuPaul also promised that, from this moment on, there will be "no more mister nice guy" thanks to the next twist he introduces: the long-rumored chocolate bar-themed ticket to RuDemption.

"When it comes to saving queens, I'm leaving it up to the drag gods," RuPaul explained to the full group, before wheeling out a giant table of his self-branded candy bars. The host elaborates, saying that each queen will select a bar from the crop, but only one of them contains a literal golden wrapper that will allow the holder to return to the competition, should they lose a lip-sync.

RuPaul chocolate bars in the Werk Room
RuPaul chocolate bars in the Werk Room

World of Wonder/VH1 RuPaul introduces a chocolate bar twist on 'Drag Race' season 14.

Throughout the season, the queen who loses that week's lip-sync for her life will unwrap her chocolate bar on the Main Stage. If the bar is gold, "she'll be safe to slay another day," per RuPaul, but "if her bar is chocolate, she must sashay away."

The new gag played out at the end of the episode, as June lost a lip-sync to Maddy Morphosis after the judges critiqued their output in the fan-favorite ball challenge. June ultimately unwrapped her bar to reveal a regular slice of delectable sweetness, and returned to the Werk Room to write her lipstick mirror message.

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