Rugby gains popularity among girls in Kashmir

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Visual from Kashmir (Photo/ANI)
Visual from Kashmir (Photo/ANI)

Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], September 20 (ANI): Rugby is gaining popularity among girls in Kashmir and is witnessing a rapid increase in their participation.

The girls have been getting special training from rugby coaches appointed by the authorities and are also participating in different local tournaments organized by the Jammu and Kashmir sports council and other sports organizations of the valley in Srinagar.

A rugby ground has been sanctioned by the Jammu and Kashmir sports council to promote and attract more and youths including girls towards rugby in Kashmir.

In the last few years, many girls have taken to the tough game and are keen to become professional rugby players in the future.

Speaking to ANI, Abra Hussain, a rugby player said, "Rugby has more physical contact, which makes us physically strong. For a girl, it is very important to be physically strong. Girls in Kashmir like to play aggressive and rough games and rugby is one of them. Being rough and tough and aggressive on the field is attracting girls towards rugby."

Another player Saima said "Girls are also playing like boys. Girls also like to play rough and tough games. Like other games, rugby is also gaining popularity in Kashmir. Earlier, rugby was not popular among girls but now district level tournaments are being held."

Urooj Malik said the game teaches self-defence, discipline and sportsmanship.

"Rugby is not a common game it is a very unique game. This game teaches us self-defence, discipline and sportsmanship. This is a very challenging game too. Girls have to be very strong to play it. Day by day rugby is becoming popular among girls in the Kashmir valley," said Malik.

Soliha Yousuf, Rugby Coach said that girls in Kashmir are now playing rugby in large numbers and this includes girls from all age groups. (ANI)

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