These Are The Rudest Things You Can Do At An Office Christmas Party

Ah, office Christmas parties ― love them or loathe them, we’re willing to bet yours is coming up soon.

Anyone who’s ever accidentally let a family secret slip or got a little too tipsy at the Christmas party might already know that the event can come with some pitfalls.

But whether you’re on your first office Christmas party or your 30th, CEO cristina.noh has got some advice on keeping your reputation ― and job ― safe through the festive season. 

“I’m going to give you five things not to do at your office Christmas party ― coming from the perspective of an executive and two decades of office Christmas parties,” she begins. 

So, we thought we’d share her wisdom:

1) Don’t drink too much

We know, we know, it seems like obvious advice. But you’d be amazed how many of us ignore it. After all, it’s “still a work function,” the creator says.

“Understand what your tolerance is and go in knowing there is a limit to how much you’ll consume,” Cristina shared. Attacked...

2) What goes on at the after-party never stays at the after-party

To err is human, but so is to gossip. “Be responsible for your behaviour from the beginning to the very end of the night,” the CEO warns ― your actions won’t stay confined to the evening itself.

3) Speaking of which, don’t gossip or badmouth your colleagues

Simply put, this is the worst possible place and time to do that, Cristina advises. No matter how tempting it might be to air your grievances or how safe you feel with *that* colleague, she recommends zipping it at the function.

4) Don’t forget professional boundaries

We get it, we get it ― the music’s pounding, you’re wearing your favourite sparkly dress, and you’re a couple of rum and cokes in. But it’s important to remember this is still a work event, Cristina says.

“Understand these are work relationships,” she stresses ― in other words, don’t be among the 25% of Brits who snog a colleague at their office do.

5) Be picky about your plus-one

”Who you bring as a plus one is a reflection on you,” Cristina says. “Their behaviour, their dress code, their conversation, are absolutely a reflection of you ― choose wisely.” 

Other than that, she says, have a blast ― office Christmas parties are a great way to “let loose and really deepen those relationships with your workers.”