Roxwear’s "Celebrasian" Collection Offers a Sensory Feast Against the Patriarchy

Streetwear label Roxwear continues to embrace youth and dreams with its latest collection, "Celebrasian." Serving as the fifth release, the lineup explores the rich and diverse world of Central Asia's zeitgeist, showcasing the complexity and variety of subcultures and various societies in the region.

In particular, the collection portrays the eclectic nature of celebrations and how they reflect varied cultural norms depending on different societal groups. Roxana Adilbekova, the founder of Roxwear, was inspired by the rich and diverse world of Central Asian festivities, their vibrant colors, lively atmosphere and grandness of scale.

It was also crucial for Adilbekova to explore the hidden emotions that might arise through revelries, the untold stories behind the need to conform to societal expectations, ostracizations and the various anxieties that arise with social contexts. Overall, "Celebrasian" offers a sensory feast in which streetwear and couture collide, symbolizing the excess and indulgence typical of celebrations.

Highlights include the use of candy and bold colors across the range's detailing. The piala cups and corsets are a repeated motif throughout the collection, emblems of womanhood and the societal expectations that come with it. The ironic references to superficial markers of femininity continue to develop through wedding looks, dresses with braid straps and bone buttons.

As per the label, "'Celebrasian' offers a unique and emotional way to experience the culture of Central Asia. Its colorful, campy aesthetic captures the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Central Asian celebrations. Everyone is going to find something that will resonate and motivate to have their own everyday micro-celebrations of the culture and philosophy behind these events."

Peep the unapologetic lookbook in the gallery above and head over to Roxwear's website to cop the range.

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