Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2024

“We basically said we wanted to create something — it sounds a little morbid — but a memento mori, which is a real snapshot of the most idealistic and the most fertile moments in spring that make you feel like you have to stop and appreciate and be alive, because it’s happening right now,” Rosie Assoulin said backstage of her spring show.

Through her ready-to-wear and show, which featured segments of models emerging, disappearing and returning to the runway (with choreography by Bri Welch) to sit on light-green colored steps within Spring Studios, Assoulin wanted viewers to be “along for the ride with us.”

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Speaking of the idea, Assoulin’s spring line was inspired by her summer commutes from New Jersey, whipping out her phone to capture the patches of colorful wildflowers along the Garden State’s highways. It’s where her ideas of bold colors and embroideries came from, such as striking watercolor-striped occasion dresses made up of a rainbow of bias organza strips.

Assoulin continued to emit spring-forward optimism in tailoring with a push-pull of soft and structure, as seen through tops with pushed-up, blossom-like drapes and floral jacquard suiting, extending the idea into solid little one-button cinched blazers with floral brooches (adorable in bright lilac with a matching flounced skirt, or grass green with her signature sportif surf pants). Strong knits, poufed monochrome dresses, a good amount of boning and corsetry, and sweet floral toe rings on barefoot models added to the summer vibe.

Ten years in, Assoulin’s brand continues to flourish through her balance of delivering serious fashions with lighthearted, celebratory sensibility.

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Launch Gallery: Rosie Assoulin RTW Spring 2024

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