Roman Kemp has 'got his life back' after quitting radio job

Roman Kemp feels much better since quitting his job credit:Bang Showbiz
Roman Kemp feels much better since quitting his job credit:Bang Showbiz

Roman Kemp has "got his life back" after quitting his radio job.

The 31-year-old son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp hosted Capital Breakfast on Capital FM for a decade before walking away from the role earlier this year and he's now admitted making such a drastic change has dramatically improved his life.

He told The Sun newspaper: "In a way, you get your life back. I went through a period of spinning too many plates and I think you come to a point where you want to know if your work is controlling you too much.

"My work was controlling my happiness. I had no time to work out what made me happy. I was working constantly."

Roman added of life after his radio job: "It feels like I now have a world I never knew existed. It was so much fun, but you are in your own bubble.

"It has been hard turning down work, but you have to make those decisions to get better and I know I had to for myself."

He also revealed he went out with a bang by deleting a team Whatsapp chat he set up a decade earlier. He joked: "When I was at Capital, I was in control of the WhatsApp group. The day that I left, I was like, ‘I am refusing to be ejected from this group’.

"Instead, at 10.01am, when everyone was going, ‘Well done’, I secretly deleted the entire group. I blew up the WhatsApp group. I wasn’t having it. I opened that group ten years ago . . . I was going to be the one to close it."

When he announced plans to step away from the role, Roman insisted that the team at Capital and parent company Global are his "family" and the job helped him grow up.

He said: "Capital is my family, you as the wonderful listeners that you’ve been, you’ve been with me at my best times and my absolute lowest … Capital and Global have helped change me. I was 22 years old when I first joined Capital and it’s built me into the man that I am today, it is all that I know."