Rolling Stone Senior Entertainment Editor Exits, Citing ‘Change in Editorial Strategy’

Rolling Stone senior entertainment editor Marlow Stern has exited the publication just days after editor in chief Noah Shachtman announced his resignation Friday.

In a post on X, Stern wrote Monday, “Today’s my last day at Rolling Stone due to a ‘change in editorial strategy.’”

Stern added that it “was a pleasure working with my colleagues there who do great work and I hope the shift in direction doesn’t affect other people.”

The journalist previously served as a senior editor at The Daily Beast under Shachtman’s tenure as editor in chief. He also teaches at Columbia Journalism School in New York City.

“Proud of the March cover story which I had the pleasure of editing,” Stern concluded.

On Friday, The New York Times broke the news that Shachtman would be stepping down from his role at the end of February after leading the publication for over two years. Shachtman’s final day will be March 1.

In an internal memo to staff, Shachtman did not specify his reasoning for his resignation, however, according to the Times, his departure is related to an editorial difference with Gus Wenner, Rolling Stone’s chief executive.

“It’s the right decision, one Gus Wenner and I made after many discussions about the direction of the brand,” Shachtman wrote in the memo.

Rolling Stone has faced controversy as of late, as just last year one of the magazine’s founders Jann Wenner, made problematic remarks in a New York Times interview. Wenner’s son Gus denounced his father’s comments.

In the interim, Sean Woods, who currently serves as the magazine’s deputy editor, and Lisa Tozzi, who serves as digital director, will lead the newsroom at Rolling Stone. The publication will be searching for a new editor in chief in the coming weeks.

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