Go on a roller coaster ride with the Miami Dolphins offense in this wild touchdown celebration

The Miami Dolphins have been known to have fun with their touchdown celebrations this season — and they have had plenty of touchdowns to celebrate.

But they went to another level after their opening drive Sunday against the Washington Commanders.

After Tyreek Hill caught a 78-yard touchdown pass, he dropped the ball and took his seat in the end zone to get ready for a ride that was nearly as exciting as his sprint to the end zone.

Teammates Braxton Berrios, Raheem Mostert, Cedrick Wilson and River Cracraft lined up behind him, all with their right arms raised. Offensive lineman Robert Hunt then walked down, one by one, and lowered their arms down into a locked position as wide reciever Jaylen Waddle directed the roller coaster ride that his teammates embarked on.

Considering how dominant the Dolphins’ offense has been this season — Miami entered Sunday averaging an NFL-best 430.5 yards and 30.8 points per game — it has been a roller coaster for opposing defenses to contain them.

Hill plays a key role in that. The touchdown was his NFL-leading 11th touchdown reception of the season. The catch also bumped him over 1,400 yards on the season.

The Dolphins have had a slew of celebrations this season, fitting considering their offense has reached the end zone 43 times now this season through Hill’s first-quarter touchdown Sunday. Among some of their other celebrations this season:

Mostert and a pair of teammates sliding on their stomachs and popping up as if they were surfing after a touchdown in a 36-34 win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sept. 10 to begin the season. Little did the Dolphins know at the time their offense would colloquially be given the nickname the “Greatest Show on Surf.”

Hill hopping into the stands during their 70-20 win over the Denver Broncos on Sept. 24.

Mostert, Berrios, Waddle and Hunt doing a tribute to the classic 2000 movie “Remember the Titans” after a Mostert touchdown in Miami’s 42-21 win over the Carolina Panthers.

And, of course, Waddle doing his waddle whenever he scores.

There was also Hill’s controversial celebration during Miami’s win over the Panthers in which he grabbed an NFL videographer’s phone and recorded himself hitting a backflip before racing back to the sideline.

Kevin Fitzgibbons, the videographer and a content creator with whom Hill has a longstanding relationship with, announced on social media on Tuesday that the NFL revoked his credentials for the remainder of the season because of the action.

Hill said he is planning to cover Fitzgibbons’ salary for the rest of the season.

“Me and him are going to continue to work together,” Hill said Thursday, adding that the celebration was not premeditated, “and whatever the NFL was going to pay him, I told him I was going to make sure I do what’s right and make sure you’re not out of a job. That’s my guy.”