Rodent poop on a chair and the dishwasher didn’t work at a Miami-Dade restaurant

State inspectors found “accumulation of debris” to be even more ubiquitous than rodent droppings at a North Miami restaurant last week.

The failed inspections closed Jimmy’s Diner aka Jimmy’s Place, 510 NE 125th St., for a couple of days until workers could properly clean the place and get rid of the vermin, or at least eliminate the bodily waste indicating their presence.

Wednesday’s Visit No. 1 from Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspectors, sparked by a complaint, featured 17 total violations and two High Priority violations.

Among the findings:

One of the two High Priority violations noted “eight rodent droppings inside an old fryer in the kitchen area; approximately three rodent droppings on top of the shelf by the stove; and approximately six rodent droppings by the ice machine inside the kitchen.”

Also, in the kitchen, there was an “accumulation of debris” in the three-compartment sink and inside the dishwasher.

Another “accumulation of debris” violation involved “food debris under the cooking line, and under the dishwasher machine.”

The “interior of oven/microwave has an accumulation of black substance/grease/food debris.”

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The “hood ventilation system is inadequate as evidenced by grease accumulation on the walls/ceiling.” The hood filters were described as “soiled.”

The reach-in cooler shelves had “an accumulation of soil residues.”

The can opener was a “food-contact surface was soiled with food debris, mold-like substance or slime.”

The dishwasher machine’s sanitizer output was zero parts per million, so with all those rodents running, the dishes and utensils coming out of that kitchen weren’t being sanitized.

When the inspector returned Thursday, there were “six rodent droppings inside an oven, approximately four rodent droppings on a chair at a server station.”

Many of the other violations also remained. The floor and the dishwasher still had “an accumulation of debris.” The reach-in cooler remained a mess as did the oven/microwave oven.

Jimmy’s Diner aka Jimmy’s Place, 510 NE 125th St., in North Miami
Jimmy’s Diner aka Jimmy’s Place, 510 NE 125th St., in North Miami

Jimmy’s Place finally came correct on Friday’s re-inspection and was back open for the weekend.