Robert Downey Jr Fought With Marvel Over Money for Avengers Co-stars: Report

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Marvel is one of the biggest names in film franchises, but it hasn’t been without its problems. One such problem was that in 2013 when Robert Downer Jr, who popularly played the Iron Man, was considering moving away from his role, after Marvel didn’t meet his and his co-worker’s salary demands.

The report from Deadline, in 2013 claims that the actor had earned approximately 70 to 80 million USD from the MCU’s first Avengers movie. He looked to exceed that paycheck after his big box office success in Iron Man 3.

In the interview during the Daily Show, with the host Jon Stewert, he opened up about his plans to maybe retire saying “I don’t know. I had a long contract with them and now we’re gonna renegotiate.”

While Downey felt he wasn’t paid enough, reports suggest that other actors were paid nothing compared to him. The report quoted an insider saying “Some received only $200,000 for Avengers and Downey got paid $50 million. On what planet is that OK?”

The superstar was also willing to stand-up for his co-workers over this issue. A representative saw him in the role of a big brother for many other actors with less experience on the big screen. He was reportedly seen using his strong position to convince Marvel to pay the actors as per their talents, specially when the company was raking in untold fortunes with each new entry in the franchise.

Downey was seen to be the only man with the power and actual guts to do something about it. He had already conveyed the message that he is not going to work for a place where his co-workers are being treated badly.

In the article there were specific mentions of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth, who were not so keen towards returning for their roles is they didn’t get their demands.

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