The Road to Beautiful: How DJ Duo Coco & Breezy Balance Finding Energy and Peace on Tour


Life on the road can be exhausting for any artist but a select few, like producer/DJ duo Coco & Breezy, somehow manage to make it look easy. Perhaps it’s their synergy of working together as siblings that makes the Minnesota-raised twins, born Corianna and Brianna Dotson, appear so effortlessly cool while juggling so many endeavors.

After conquering the fashion industry with their couture eyewear line, the sisters weren’t just content to be entrepreneurial powerhouses. Now touring as Coco & Breezy, the talented multi-hyphenates are bringing high-energy house and Afro-Latino tunes to dancehalls and major festivals alike, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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Amid their biggest tour yet, culminating with their debut at Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful music festival, Coco & Breezy are taking a beat during their stay at AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles to speak with Rolling Stone and Marriott Bonvoy about what it takes to run the world, and specifically why it’s so important to slow down and recharge along the way.

On the topic of finding time to unwind in LA, they say, “Our three must do’s while in LA are finding beautiful hikes, supporting black-owned business to support the community, and meditating [while] experiencing an LA sunset.”

The sisters can’t emphasize enough the importance of meditation in their lives. “We have such a fast-paced life, but sometimes you have to stop. Meditation, decompressing has kept us completely grounded.”

We’re following Coco & Breezy from their chic hotel digs across LA in search of rest and restoration, including a hike along the trails leading to Griffith Park Observatory.

Watch the full journey below.

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