RM Lumsden Meeting Highlights - March 18 2021

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Council for the RM of Lumsden met for their regular meeting on Mar 18th.

Clay Capping Tender

After reviewing submissions for the Pense Grid clay capping tender, Council awarded the contract to Denny Forbes Construction Inc.

Planning and Development

Planning and Development Director Aimee Bryck recommended that a miscellaneous interest be placed on the Dakine Home Builders subdivision title. Bryck said it would serve as a notice to a future owner who may want to subdivide further. Letting them know they could be required to relocate access if additional properties are developed in the area. Council made a motion based on Bryck’s recommendation.

Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) Committee Meeting

Councillor Cody Jordison provided an update on the EMO committee meetings, which occurred on Feb 23rd and Mar 2nd. Representatives at the Feb 23rd meetings were; EMO Coordinator: Gerry Kerr Reeve: Kent Farago RM Councillors: Cody Jordison, John Langford, Glenda Schlosser Chief Administrative Officer: Monica M. Merkosky Public Works Manager: Leighton Watts Assistant Administrator: Krystal Strong Lumsden RCMP: Sgt. Chad Clark Lumsden Fire Chief: Jeff Carey South Shore First Responders: Stacey McPeek

On Feb 23rd, The committee completed their annual review of the plan and the criteria to activate the emergency operations centre. At the March 2nd meeting, the committee went over emergency scenarios.

Little Church Bridge Replacement

The bridge committee met with the RM of 219 about the bridge replacement. The bridge was damaged beyond repair in a vehicle accident in November 2020. The committee members came to a consensus as to their choice from the options the engineer had presented. The Public Works Manager sent the information to the engineers to complete a construction estimate for both a single and double lane bridge. It is currently unknown if the RM will incur any costs or if insurance will cover the expense.

Internet trouble by Councillor John Langford

Not shocking to anyone who lives in rural Saskatchewan, there are problems with the internet in rural areas. For his personal use, Councillor Langford uses very basic internet services. To complete his work on committees that require a better level of access, he has asked the Council for help with the costs to upgrade his services. There was significant discussion on the topic of financial support for Councillors for expenses incurred due to their work on the Council. The administration will consider policy recommendations to bring forward.

Beaver Control Program

Councillor Cody Garbutt made a motion that the RM participate in the SARM Beaver Control Program.

There was another application for the Beaver Hunter Application. Council approved the application provided the applicant provides proof of a valid PAL.

Reeve and Councillor Forum

Jeremy Andrew – suggested looking at lifting road bans early as there isn’t any moisture in the roads.

Glenda Schlosser – Asked if the RM should complete a review on services with the RM’s engineers as concerns are being raised from work done at Deer Valley. The residents are unhappy and feel they didn’t get their money’s worth for the work performed.

Cody Garbutt- Brought forward an item on the Public Works Report, which recommended they review the purchasing policy and road stabilization and maintenance programs. The Public Works committee set a meeting for Apr 7th. At 1 pm.

The next meeting of the RM is on Apr 1st at 1 pm.

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times