Ritz Has 2 New Products Coming to Stores

And they're not-to-be-missed.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

Food is my version of sports. While others tune in to ESPN for trades, recruitments, and retirements, I look out for retro snack discontinuations, new fast food menu items, and, of course, the latest and greatest in recipe innovations. If you're not a food fanatic like me, you may have missed a heavy hitter of a week last week, full of new product releases. From two new flavors of Oreo cookies to a bizarre Lay's flavor and pizzeria-inspired Cheez-Its, March kicked off to a great start in the snack world. Now, Ritz is stealing the spotlight with two new introductions of its own.

Ritz Introduces New Sweet Habanero & Honey BBQ Toasted Chips



As an official sponsor of the 2024 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments—and the official cracker of the tournament—Ritz is synonymous with March Madness. But now, in honor of the tournament's return, the snack brand is heating up its own roster by adding two brand-new products to its lineup: Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ Toasted Chips.

If you're not familiar with Ritz's Toasted Chips line, they have the same buttery, salty flavor as Ritz crackers, but in a crispier chip-like texture with an oven-baked crunch. Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ will join the existing four flavors of Toasted Chips: Original, Cheddar, Veggie, and my personal favorite Sour Cream.

We got a first taste of both flavors and they did not disappoint. The Sweet Habanero fits right into the "swicy" trend of 2023/2024, with peppery habanero flavor and a good amount of heat. But the Honey BBQ stole the show for us, with a smoky-sweet flavor that reminded us of a great BBQ dry rub, as opposed to a BBQ-flavored potato chip.

Of course, these chips are the perfect snacking companion for your March Madness watch parties, or even as a consolation prize if your bracket gets busted in round one. And even if it does, Ritz has another sweet surprise in store for its fans: tickets to the actual March Madness tournament.

Win a Trip to the 2025 NCAA March Madness Tournament

To help everyone feel like a winner regardless of their bracket, Oreo, Ritz, Chips Ahoy, Triscuit, and Wheat Thins are teaming up to give fans a chance to win a trip to the 2025 NCAA Men’s or Women’s Basketball Tournaments. To enter the ultimate "Are You Snack Bracket Ready?" Sweepstakes, visit nabiscosnackbracket.com and enter your vote on recipes you'd like to see compete during March Madness—you could win a trip for four to the 2025 NCAA Men’s or Women’s Final Four games. You can visit the website for full details. In the meantime, you can give both new flavors of Ritz Toasted Chips a try, as they are both available now at retailers nationwide.

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