Rishi Sunak sets sights on small boat crossings and eco protesters

Rishi Sunak is to order police chiefs to crackdown on protesters causing chaos on Britain’s roads, as part of plans to kickstart his premiership, reports state.

Amid surging net migration numbers and the threat of further Just Stop Oil protests in the run up to Christmas, No10 is planning to prioritise a crackdown on protests and the influx of people arriving in small boats across the Channel.

According to The Sunday Times, both will be part of the Prime Minister’s “Operation Get Tough” plan. Mr Sunak reportedly told Home Secretary Suella Braverman during the week to convene a meeting with police chiefs to tell them to adopt tougher measures against the activists.

As part of the new plan, Mr Sunak called for guidance issued to officers to be updated in order to reflect the powers within the Policing Bill.

A senior government source said: “The Prime Minister is frustrated by the apparent ease with which protesters can cause mayhem for law-abiding citizens trying to go about their everyday lives.

“He has been unequivocal that ordinary people shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of protesters who are taking advantage of their right to protest peacefully.

“The PM expects the police to exercise the powers they have, crack down on these groups and bring law and order to our streets and roads once again.”

Just Stop Oil activists caused havoc in London throughout October and forced delays on the M25 after climbing gantries at the Dartford Crossing.

Since March, approximately 1,869 protesters have been arrested, including over 700 from Just Stop Oil since the start of October.

Since the start of October, more than 11,000 police officer shifts have been spent on the group’s protests.

Mr Sunak also held multiple meetings with officials regarding migrants arriving in the UK. According to the report, he has called for processing times to be cut and will press Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, to make sure countries honour deals regarding illegal migrants.

One ally said: “Rishi has been very clear that we need to get net migration down and we need to control our borders and be the ones deciding who comes in.”