Riot police called out as gang of 50 youths start fires in Dundee

Riot police in Dundee have tackled a disturbance involving about 50 youths starting fires in wheelie bins and smashing up an empty house.

Officers were deployed in the Beauly Avenue and Beauly Square area of the city's Kirkton district at about 19:45.

Police said inquiries were under way to identify everyone involved.

The area was the scene of a night of riots on 31 October last year as roads were blocked with bonfires.

The leader of Dundee City Council said he was "incredibly angry" about the latest incidents and branded those involved "morons".

Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland, Councillor John Alexander said: "It just makes me incredibly angry, not only as a local councillor but my mum and dad stay a couple of streets away.

"As a parent, looking at the ages of some of the young people I'm appalled. I'd be asking questions of my own children and I'm sure they would have came home smelling of smoke yesterday.

"The whole situation makes me incredibly angry and sad not only for those young people but for the wider community who this does not reflect."

Riot police Dundee
Riot police were deployed in the Kirkton area of the city

Mr Alexander confirmed the damage was more "concentrated" than last year's disturbance.

He said the clean-up operation in Kirkton is now underway. The councillor said there is fire damage to wheelie bins and stones were thrown at an empty property.

smashed windows
Windows of a house were smashed during the disorder

He continued: "Criminal damage is criminal damage. The fact they took it upon themselves to thrown stones at that property and smash window just shows you how much care and regard they have for their own community, it's absolutely disgusting.

"I was brought up to respect my neighbours, to respect my community. Sadly, these individuals don't seem to have had the same upbringing."

Following last year's disturbance local supermarkets made the decision not to sell fireworks and police had been working to gather intelligence.

During last year's disorder a school and vehicles were damaged, and one officer sustained a minor injury as fireworks were thrown at police.

Bonfires were also set in the street and roads in the area were blocked for several hours.