Rihanna Really, Really Loves Her Perfume

David Becker - Formula 1/Getty Images

Rihanna said more is more, especially when it comes to fragrance. In a new Instagram video, the billionaire hitmaker shows us how to properly apply her Fenty eau du parfum, and it’s two spritzes behind the left ear, one behind the right, on the chest chest, in a big circle on your left, a big circle on your right, hit each boob, your hair a couple times…basically, you want it everywhere. Or as the caption says, “ALL OVA, boos.”

Multiple chains of diamonds and no shirt? Rihanna, never change.

The video does look fab, but it has also attracted some comments from customers warning others to maaaaaaybe slow down a bit. “Fenty perfume smell is so strong idk how she does that😅 i mean one spray is enough for me😂,” reads one. “Now I love you Rih but you know you ain’t spraying that much. As much as I love your perfume it’s strong asf! 😂😍❤️❤️” adds another. We even got a full product review: “I love Riri & all her products but this perfume is to be used in moderation bc it's strong. I think it’s the Bulgarian Rose that kind of gives the ‘powdery’ scent that can sometimes come off as ‘old lady’ smell bc it has hints of potpourri-ish quality. I have a unisex scent that it layers well with but I will say it’s generally older black women who compliment me on it. Lol.” This is the kind of info we can USE.

From our research, it seems this is part of Rih’s pre-date-night prep; she wore the same hairstyle, lip color, sunglasses, hoodie, and possibly leggings to a night out with A$AP Rocky, and though the jewelry is different, we’d bet she filmed herself applying the scent right before leaving for the restaurant. Hope the other diners at the Four Seasons didn’t have any allergies.

Originally Appeared on Glamour