Rider thrown as horse slips and takes horrific fall on Colorado mountain, rescuers say

A horse slipped and fell 300 feet down a ravine in a horrific trail riding accident in Colorado, officials said.

A 23-year-old rider was hurt in the accident on the Shadow Canyon Trail on Wednesday, Sept. 13, officials with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The trail is part of the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks.

She was riding along the trail with a friend when her horse slipped on a loose rock and fell downhill, officials said.

The rider was thrown off as the horse started sliding down a steep scree slope, officials said. The other rider tried to calm the panicked horse, but it tried to get up and slid even farther down the ravine, officials said.

The horse slid 300 feet below the trail and came to a stop in a creek, officials said.

The rider who was thrown from the falling horse injured her leg but managed to walk a short distance to a rescue vehicle, officials said.

Rescuers drove her out to the trailhead where paramedics evaluated her, officials said. She determined she didn’t need further medical care.

A veterinarian who was called to evaluate the horse’s injuries determined the horse wouldn’t survive and said the most humane thing to do would be to put the horse down, officials said. They euthanized the horse and rescuers helped remove the horse’s body from the ravine and take it back to the trailhead.

Hearts & Hooves Livestock Services took over at the horse owner’s request, officials said.

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