Ricky Hatton was 'terrified' of getting on the ice

Ricky Hatton is taking part in Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz
Ricky Hatton is taking part in Dancing On Ice credit:Bang Showbiz

Ricky Hatton was as "terrified" by his first 'Dancing On Ice' training session as he was when he faced Floyd Mayweather.

The 45-year-old former boxer - who was defeated by the welterweight champion in a 2007 bout in Las Vegas - signed up for the show because he was ready to take on a new challenge and though he initially found getting his skates on to be a "daunting" prospect, he's proud of the progress he's made with professional partner Robin Johnstone.

He told talkSPORT: "You never thought you'd hear that did you? Ricky Hatton on 'Dancing On Ice'. I've been doing it for about nine weeks now.

"From the first day - for somebody who got punched in the face for a living - to say how daunting it is when you first step on that ice when you've never ever done it before.

"I've never been that scared since I fought Floyd Mayweather.

"Where I am, from the first day to the present day, I really have surprised myself.

"I didn't think I was gonna make it to where I am to be honest."

Despite his fears, Ricky has "fully enjoyed" the experience so far and though he expects to be "nervous" when the live shows start on Sunday (14.01.24) evening, he thinks it'll only deepen the pleasure he is getting from the show.

He said: "But I've fully enjoyed it, I struggled with retirement, I thought I was never gonna have that adrenaline rush again walking out to the ring, but I feel like I've got it back.

"I feel like, come Sunday when I'm walking to that ice rink to go on there, I think I'll be equally as nervous, which I've enjoyed to be honest.

"I feel like I'm back in training and I've had to study and knuckle down with it like I used to do when I was fighting, it's been brilliant."

However, Ricky admitted his boxing background hasn't been much use.

He said: "The fitness hasn't been the problem because for the last two years now I've been doing really well with myself and kept up my fitness.

"I do feel like I've been run over by a train the next day when I get up because it uses bits of muscles that you wouldn't normally use.

"It's totally different to boxing, you've gotta have your feet together so you've got a good, firm base, whereas in boxing you've gotta have your feet apart to have the base.

"It's just little things like that I've had to get used to."