Richmond: Man convicted of murder after victim named him with dying breath

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Oliver Muldowney was convicted on July 1 (Met Police)
Oliver Muldowney was convicted on July 1 (Met Police)

A man has been convicted of murder after his victim named him with his dying breath.

Oliver Muldowney, 35, of Richmond, stabbed Tim Hipperson, 39, after he flew into a jealous rage believing he was seeing his partner, the Old Bailey heard.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to being concerned with the supply of heroin and crack cocaine. Muldowney was convicted of murder on July 1 and will be sentenced at a later date.

David Nash, 36, of Feltham, who was an associate of the killer, was found guilty of two counts of being concerned with the supply of heroin and crack cocaine.

Tim Hipperson died on May 20, 2021 (Met Police)
Tim Hipperson died on May 20, 2021 (Met Police)

Detective Inspector Maria Green, who led the investigation said: “My thoughts are with Tim’s family and friends at this incredibly difficult time. Tim may have had struggles in life but he has always been a much loved son, brother and friend.

“In the immediate aftermath of the attack, as he stumbled onto King’s Road, he was able to name the man who had stabbed him.

“He said ‘Olly’ and this was captured on the body worn video of one of the first officers on the scene. Within days Oliver Muldowney was arrested and charged despite his attempts to evade justice.”

The court had heard that Mr Hipperson had gone to Peldon Passage to buy drugs from Muldowney on May 17, 2021.

Muldowney then accused him of becoming close to a partner he had also had a long-term relationshp with before stabbing him multiple times.

After being stabbed Mr Hipperson made his way along King’s Road where members of the public attempted to give first aid and called emergency services.

He was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries on May 20, 2021.

Jonathan Nash (Met Police)
Jonathan Nash (Met Police)

After the incident, Muldowney and Nash ran to an address where a taxi was phoned for the former so he could flee the scene, the court had heard.

When police searched this address they found the killer’s phone wrapped in tinfoil and hidden away in a black shoe box containing children’s toys.

Muldowney offered a friend of Mr Hipperson drugs and money to leave the area as he had witnessed the killing. But he remained and helped police with their investigation.

Muldowney was arrested at a hotel in Reading after a police manhunt.

Ms Green added: “Muldowney was motivated by jealousy and Tim Hipperson paid the price for that jealousy with his life. Muldowney was convinced his partner was seeing other men, with Tim being one of them.

“Determined to avenge his bruised ego, Muldowney killed Tim in an alleyway. He then attempted to bribe Tim’s friend, who was a witness to the attack, with drugs and money but it didn’t work. He did the right thing and spoke up for his friend.”

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