Richland 1 failed to protect student who suffered traumatic brain injury, lawsuit says

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A Satchel Ford Elementary parent is accusing Richland 1 of failing to protect her son, who suffered “permanent injuries and partial disability” after being attacked by another student in 2019, according to a lawsuit.

After the attacker left in-school suspension, he struck her son, who was just standing in the school hallway, in the head with a piece of metal, according to the suit. Both students attended Satchel Ford Elementary. The attack left the student with a cut above the left eye and a traumatic brain injury, which “required significant medical treatment and care,” according to the suit.

The injury cased “permanent injuries and partial disability” to the student, and required him to miss school, the lawsuit said.

Traumatic brain injuries, depending on the severity, can cause symptoms ranging from headaches, vomiting and sleep problems to loss of consciousness and seizures. In children, traumatic brain injuries can cause issues with sleep and mood, alongside physical symptoms, according to an article from the Mayo Clinic.

A Richland 1 spokeswoman declined to comment, saying the district does not comment on pending litigation. The lawsuit was filed Aug. 24, 2021, according to court documents.

The lawsuit alleges the attacking student had previously assaulted six other students, and that both school officials and school resource officer Tyler Norris of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department were aware of the prior incidents.

Katrina Mack-Snider, who filed the lawsuit, argues both Richland 1 and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department were negligent and should have done more to punish and supervise the child who attacked her son.

Mack-Snider is represented by Jacob Born of Chappell, Smith & Arden.

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