Revealed: The 20 most popular house names in the UK

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Photo credit: Image Source - Getty Images
Photo credit: Image Source - Getty Images

'The Cottage' is the most popular house name in the country, a new study has uncovered.

Research conducted by Admiral analysed address data to identify the names commonly used for homes in England, Wales and Scotland, revealing the 20 most popular around the UK.

Naming your home is no longer reserved for those living in manors or private estates, with thousands of households wanting to give their properties personality and flair. While there are some unsurprising winners in the study (such as 'Rose Cottage'), more colourful names in the top 20 include 'The Willows', 'Sunnyside' and 'Meadow View'.

As well as making your house stand out on the property market, previous research found that naming your abode is the easiest way to add thousands of pounds to its value. If you're still in need of some inspiration, other popular names include 'Ivy Cottage' and 'Woodlands' — perfect to consider if you live in the country.

Photo credit: Amer Ghazzal - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amer Ghazzal - Getty Images

"Giving your home a name lets you express your individuality and, seems to me, to be very British," says Noel Summerfield, head of home at Admiral. "Whether it's a name that describes the history of your home like 'The Old Rectory', where it's located such as 'Hillside' or just a poetic name like 'Sunnyside', naming your home can give it added personality.

"Our research shows that some of the most popular names are also the simplest, however many homeowners have chosen the same names that are a little more unusual like 'Dolphin Cottage', 'Cobwebs', 'Toad Hall' and 'Moonrakers' too."

Are you in the process of choosing a house name? Take a look at the full findings below...

20 most popular house names in the UK

  1. The Cottage

  2. Rose Cottage

  3. The Bungalow

  4. The Coach House

  5. School House

  6. The Lodge

  7. The Barn

  8. Orchard House

  9. The Stables

  10. Woodlands

  11. Ivy Cottage

  12. Manor Farm

  13. The Willows

  14. Hillside

  15. Sunnyside

  16. The Gables

  17. Hillcrest

  18. Orchard Cottage

  19. Meadow View

  20. The Old Rectory

Photo credit: Tony Taylor - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tony Taylor - Getty Images

As well as the most popular names, Admiral also uncovered which postcode areas in the UK have the most homes with names — and Wales topped the list. Wondering whether your local area featured? Take a look at the postcodes below:

  1. Llandudno, Wales (LL postcode)

  2. Exeter (EX)

  3. Swansea (SA)

  4. Tunbridge Wells (TN)

  5. Gloucester (GL)

  6. Shrewsbury (SY)

  7. Plymouth (PL)

  8. Peterborough (PE)

  9. Guildford (GU)

  10. Ipswich, Suffolk (IP)

  11. Norwich (NR)

  12. Truro, Cornwall (TR)

  13. York (YO)

  14. Aberdeen (AB)

  15. Reading (RG)

  16. Carlisle (CA)

  17. Redhill, Surrey (RH)

  18. Taunton, Somerset (TA)

  19. Oxford (OX)

  20. Inverness, Scotland (IV)

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