Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC's Metacritic score is unveiled

resident evil 4 separate ways dlc, ada wong pointing a gun
Resi 4's DLC Metacritic score is revealedCapcom

Resident Evil 4 Remake received excellent reviews when it released earlier this year, and its DLC Separate Ways has repeated that with a very strong Metacritic score.

The downloadable campaign focuses on what super spy Ada Wong gets up to during the game's story, taking players through iconic locations in a different order to the original, occasionally crossing over with Leon's adventure and even bringing back enemies and moments from the PS2/Gamecube original that were initially cut from RE4 Remake.

At the game of writing, the DLC stands at 89 on Metacritic for the PlayStation 5 version. That score is likely to change as more reviews are posted, but it feels unlikely to change too much. OpenCritic currently collects more reviews, and has it at the exact same score.

resident evil 4 separate ways dlc

Here's what critics have been saying:

IGN - 9/10

"The fights you have stand out from what Leon has to deal with, even as you find yourself in familiar locations. There's a wonderful range of encounters — from zipping between rooftops to avoid an El Gigante's attacks, to panicked escapes from unstoppable killing machines. With Ada's story being as condensed as it is compared to what Leon goes through, every encounter remains fast and fresh, repeat performances feel exceedingly rare, and every boss fight has a new surprise."

Metro - 9/10

"Separate Ways isn't as long as the main campaign, but it'll still take at least four hours for most people to beat, and probably at least six if you don't purposefully ignore all the side content. It's extremely well-paced too, just like the main game, as you move gracefully from one set piece to another without it feeling rushed or incoherent."

Destructoid - 85/100

"With her added maneuverability, it's a blast to discern whether or not a fight is 'worth it,' especially when a grappling icon is pinging you nearby. It also adds some really tense moments where you're like: 'I'm bailing on this shitshow completely,' and frantically search for a grapple point. Plus, it's a rush to be like: 'Oh yeah, I can melee from far away now since Ada's grappling hook will propel you toward the target like Batman.' It introduces a whole new layer to the way you approach combat in the remake, which was already the game's strongest aspect."

GGRecon - 4.5/5

"The Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC is a polished piece of fan service that delivers the promise of the original DLC, and more. The cross-over between events is exceptionally satisfying as you get to peek behind the curtain beyond Leon's experiences with Las Plagas. At just £7.99/$9.99 you get around five hours of additional gameplay and some enjoyable Easter eggs to boot. It's more of the same, but we've got no complaints about that when the Resident Evil 4 Remake remains so good."

Resident Evil 4 Remake and the Separate Ways DLC are out on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC now.

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