Republican Party is complicit in gun violence that kills children, write Bee readers | Opinion

Guns kill

Children lost in shooting were ‘feisty,’ a ‘shining light’,” (, March 29)

Why do gun advocates, who appear to value assault rifles more than people, continue leaning on the same platitudes (“the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”) after children are massacred at schools?

Guns do kill people; especially when an assault rifle is shredding our children apart. We live in a gun-violent country, but that can be changed. We are losing our ability to have safe schools because the National Rifle Association funnels big bucks to greedy lawmakers who keep blocking any sane attempts at amelioration. But we can counter their efforts to maintain the status quo by voting them out of office after looking at their gun-related track records.

Alvin Vopata


Moral bankruptcy

The MAGA GOP congressional caucus rushed to the rescue of victims of yet another mass shooting,” (, March 28)

Jack Ohman’s cartoon reminds us that the horrific gun violence plaguing our country has a source: Republican legislators, like Kevin Kiley, who have refused to consider common sense gun reform.

I’ve written to Kiley, citing polls that show Americans, including gun owners, overwhelmingly support stronger legislation on gun reform. I’ve cited a list of mass shootings in our country as well as recent data showing that gun violence is now the leading cause of death of American children. But I know that he will share his thoughts and prayers, quote the Second Amendment, pocket gun lobby donations and do nothing.

The entire feckless, morally bankrupt Republican Party is complicit in the daily occurrence of gun violence throughout our country.

Barbara Smith



Lowest of the low

“As Jimmy Carter lives his final days, we wonder if he and the country were cheated | Opinion,” (, March 27)

Two articles in The Bee highlight the depths that Republicans will stoop to stay in power. Gaming the system is in the playbook, and skirting laws is obviously sanctioned by the right-wing.

Jimmy Carter deserves a national apology for how the Republicans gamed the Iran hostage situation. And Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, laundering money through her PACs is another story about Republican corruption.

SCOTUS is stacked with ultra-right-wing activists because Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell gamed the system. Meanwhile, gun money flows to Congressional Republicans, leading us to do nothing about assault weapons that kill our children. Education is now ground zero for Republican sabotage, with phony culture wars about “wokeism,” book bans and parental “rights” to dictate what others can learn.

Theresa Ann Lown



Sacramento firefighters vandalized the inside of a water tower. It cost taxpayers $65,000.” (, March 28)

It is disgusting that firefighters damaged the East Sacramento water tower in what appears to be a right-of-passage prank. As city employees making six-figures, one would expect better judgment and commonsense. Even more bothersome is that this vandalism was done under the direction and encouragement of two fire captains.

All of these men should be disciplined and forced to pay the damages. If this is the climate that exists in the city’s fire department, we should all be concerned. A two-day suspension is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately, I have no expectation that anything will come of this.

Sharon Scott


Support for pastor

Project Veritas video prompts Placer County death threats,” (, March 28)

This is a statement of unconditional support for Pastor Casey Martinez-Tinnin. I was dismayed to find out that The Landing Spot, Pastor Casey and the Loomis Basin Congregational Church were targeted by anti-LGBTQIA+ community members.

As a clergy member, I am offended by the illegal recording of Pastor Casey and of the highly edited recording taken out of context. The names and trust of good people have been used duplicitously, and the sanctuary of Pastor Casey’s church was violated.

I stand with Pastor Casey in having The Landing Spot available to LGBTQIA+ youth. These youth need to know that life gets better once they are no longer bullied, excluded and stigmatized. God made them this way and God loves them.

Chaplain Rabbi Susan Conforti

President, PFLAG Greater Placer County

Common decency

California girl saved pet goat, search warrant followed,” (, March 29)

This callous and repulsive official behavior is jaw dropping. Shasta County Fair and law enforcement officials conspired to kill a child’s beloved pet goat. This vile deed was not done for reasons of fair payment, but, according to Shasta Fair Executive Melanie Silva, “making an exception … will only teach our youth they do not have to abide by the rules.”

Someone needs to teach Shasta officials a little humility and compassion. Absolute blind allegiance to rules teaches a disregard for common decency and fosters indifference to animal cruelty.

Bob Steele