Republican Congresswoman credits 'motherly instincts' for helping children avoid MAGA siege at U.S. Capitol

Nancy Mace made history when she was recently elected as the first Republican congresswoman for the state of South Carolina. The excited single mother flew her kids out to join in the celebration of being sworn into office on Sunday. But as she told CNN’s Don Lemon, Wednesday, the celebration was short lived.

“I sent them home because my motherly instincts said this doesn’t feel right,” said Mace. “Something is going to happen because of the rhetoric. And my worst fears came true today.”

The Capitol building was attacked by supporters of Outgoing-President Trump. Mace expressed her disappointment in her own party and condemned those who incited the violence.

“This is a sad day for our nation,” she said. “I am heartbroken, disgusted, and I’m angry. Enough is enough. This needs to stop tonight and we need to end it.”