Reports: Antonio Callaway's agent claims diluted sample after WR failed NFL combine drug test

Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway is considered one of the NFL draft’s top talents at his position.

But instead of hearing his name called on Thursday or early Friday, Callaway is projected as a mid-round pick because of character concerns.

Callaway didn’t do himself at the NFL combine, with multiple reports that he tested positive for marijuana at the scouting event surfacing Tuesday.

ESPN reports that his agent is disputing the sample, calling it a false positive because it was diluted.

Callaway has a checkered past during his time at Florida, where he excelled as the team’s leading receiver and punt returner thanks in part to his outstanding speed and elusiveness.

He was accused of sexual assault after his freshman year before a Title IX officer dropped charges on the grounds that he was high during the alleged encounter and there was no evidence that he used force. According to the ruling Callaway claimed that he was “so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.”

Antonio Callaway, one of the draft’s top receiver talents, further hurt his stock with a reported failed drug test at the NFL combine. (AP)

In 2017, Callaway was involved in a credit card fraud scheme that left him and six of his teammates suspended amidst 62 felony complaints. Callaway agreed to a pre-trial intervention and probation to have the charges dropped. He never played for Florida again.

Now Callaway’s stock is likely to drop again. While the stigma around marijuana has seen a dramatic drop in recent years, a player failing a drug test when he knows the drug test is coming raises red flags.

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