New Report Questions Whether Herschel Walker Exaggerated Company Charitable Donations

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NBC News Herschel Walker

A new report is raising questions about charitable donations made by Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker's company. On Thursday, The New York Times reported that the food distribution center founded by Walker, 60, claimed to donate a portion of its proceeds to four non-profit organizations — but at least some of the organizations say they never received a donation from the company.

The Times reports that Walker's company, Renaissance Man Food Services (RMSF), once pledged to donate 15 percent of his profits to non-profits including the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Special Olympics, PE4Life Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society said it received $860 from Walker in 2005, $1,000 from RMSF in 2006, and $25 from RMSF in 2009. The Special Olympics declined to comment, while the other organizations said they were unaware of any donations coming from Walker or his company.

The paper hedged its reporting by noting that many charities do not disclose their donors.

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The news about the charitable donations is the latest in a long line of controversies for the football legend, who won a landslide victory in Georgia's Republican primary for U.S. Senate, garnering more than 68% of the vote.

Walker has falsely claimed he graduated from the University of Georgia (which he attended before leaving after his junior season to play football professionally in the short-lived United States Football League) and has said in the past that he was "valedictorian of my class."

He has also claimed to have access to a COVID-killing spray before vaccines were rolled out (no such spray exists) and has expressed doubts about human evolution, questioning why apes still exist.

In June, The Daily Beast reported that Walker — who has a close relationship with his son Christian — has a second son whom he supports financially but otherwise does not see. Days after confirming his second child, Walker said he has two additional children he had previously not revealed publicly.

Emails and text messages obtained by The Daily Beast allegedly show that even Walker's own campaign aides are distrustful of the candidate, who they described in exchanges as lying "like he's breathing."

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Walker, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has also spoken in the past about having dissociative identity disorder.

His ex-wife, Cindy, said that he had violent episodes in their marriage, and has claimed Walker held a gun to her head — which CNN has reported that he did not deny, saying he had blackouts and memory loss and did not remember the episodes.

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Recent poll numbers show a neck-and-neck race between Walker, who has never run for elected office before, and Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock in a contest that could determine which party controls the Senate.