Reorganize your wardrobe with these space-saving hacks

When it comes to small spaces, less can be more. Small spaces can mean less mess, less distance to travel from one room to another, and you may be less likely to lose the remote control. One thing that’s not a benefit of a smaller space? Less closet room. Luckily, there are easy ways to maximize your clothing storage with these space-saving hacks.

Space Saving Hack 1: Roll and Stack Jeans

Denim can take up a lot of real estate in closets and drawers. Plus, you don’t want to lose time digging around for your favorite pair of jeans because of a disorganized dresser drawer. For this hack, instead of folding your jeans the old fashioned way, just roll them up to keep your denim collection neat and tidy. This jeans-storing hack will not only maximize your storage space, but will make finding that special pair that much easier.

Space Saving Hack 2: Use Dividers to Organize Clothing

Cut a cardboard box into 4 strips. Then, divide each strip into thirds and cut a shallow slit at each point, so you can connect them. Lay out and connect the strips like a grid in your drawer so you can section out different areas for your clothing. Use each section accordingly to keep your clothes organized!

Space Saving Hack 3: Repurpose Shower Hooks to Hang Scarves

Place multiple shower curtain hooks on a clothes hanger to hang your scarves or other small clothing items on. This will keep your scarves from slipping off the hanger and save you a ton of closet space.

Space Saving Hack 4: Hold Boots Up With Magazines

Keep tall boots from flopping over and creasing by inserting a rolled-up magazine into them. Having your boots upright will take up less space than when they’re flopped over sideways.

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