Renter’s Viral Inflatable Bathtub Sparks Debate: ‘IDK If I’d Need a Bath That Badly’ (Exclusive)

TikTok user @kaycbarrett told PEOPLE that despite the “varying opinions” on her video, the tub has become a staple in her self-care routine

<p>Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett</p> TikTok user Kaleigh Barrett

Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett

TikTok user Kaleigh Barrett's inflatable bathtub setup
  • TikToker Kaleigh Barrett's inflatable bathtub setup garnered mixed opinions from other users after her video went viral

  • Some users commented that it looked comfier than a regular bathtub, while others questioned the practicality of it

  • Barrett tells PEOPLE that despite the "varying opinions" on her video, the tub has become a staple in her self-care routine

A renter has TikTok users buzzing with mixed opinions after she unveiled her creative inflatable bathtub setup.

User @kaycbarrett, whose real name is Kaleigh Barrett, unveiled her makeshift bathtub in a series of videos in February. The first video racked up 5.2 million views and had users flooding the comments with questions on how to use and clean it.

The 24-year-old NICU nurse tells PEOPLE that she first bought the inflatable bathtub as a means to relax and unwind after working 12-hour shifts. After doing some research she ended up finding the perfect option on Amazon for under $60.

“I was ecstatic when I received the bathtub in the mail and couldn’t wait to inflate it,” Barrett says. “Following the step-by-step instructions, I had the bathtub assembled in just 10 minutes. That night, I took a bath in my bathroom that only had a shower.”

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In the TikTok, she shares a glimpse of the tub nestled perfectly in her shower. Suki Waterhouse’s “Good Looking” plays in the background as she pans over the inflatable product, revealing a long flap that’s zippered shut and an attached pillow at the top.

She also had a wooden stand rested across the top to hold her book, drink and a candle, creating a cozy display. A built-in cupholder can also be seen on the side of the tub.

“This is for the girlies who love baths but their apartment only has a shower,” Barrett wrote over the clip.

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<p>Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett</p> Barrett's bathtub setup

Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett

Barrett's bathtub setup

In the comments, many users noted how relaxing her setup looked.

“That looks way more comfy than a regular tub,” one user commented. Another agreed, “I’m not a bath girly, but this is brilliant.”

A different commenter added, “I have a tub and still want this because it’s so soft and cozy looking.”

<p>Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett</p> The flap at the top of the tub easily opens

Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett

The flap at the top of the tub easily opens

Meanwhile, others questioned the practicality of the product.

“Genius but also the thought of cleaning that gives me anxiety,” one commented, followed by another who wrote, “Idk if I’d even need a bath THAT badly.”

Others questioned how the water gets drained and whether or not mold can easily grow inside. In another video, Barrett answers all of these questions, demonstrating how to place the attached hose directly into the shower drain for easy drainage.

She also reveals that it’s extremely easy to clean (unless you use a sugar scrub) and that she’s never had any issues with mold because she uses it regularly.

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<p>Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett</p> The tub has a hose that drains into the shower drain

Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett

The tub has a hose that drains into the shower drain

The TikToker tells PEOPLE that while there are a few downsides to the tub — like the cupholder being too tiny and the tub not having more built-in compartments — she adds that it has become an important addition to her self-care routine.

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<p>Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett</p> Kaleigh Barrett standing next to her inflatable bathtub

Courtesy of Kaleigh Barrett

Kaleigh Barrett standing next to her inflatable bathtub

“I know something like this isn't for everyone,” she says, noting the "varying opinions" on the tub.

“However, I recognize that people take baths for a variety of reasons, including stress relief and medical problems such as arthritis. I created this video as a means to help those who may be in a similar position as me.”

Barrett adds that the tub can be “easily deflated and stored” whenever she has guests over, although previous guests have commented on how “genius” they think it is. They even end up telling her they “want one for their place," she shares.

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