'We Removed Utah Monolith': US Slackliner Claims He Took Down the Mysterious Structure, Shares Video

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The excitement around the mysterious monoliths took a new turn after both the structures at Utah and Romania disappeared last week. On Monday, a Colorado based photographer Ross Bernards wrote a detailed post on Instagram where he gave an eye-witness account of how four men came out of nowhere and dismantled the structure and took it away on a wheelbarrow. Bernard also attached several photographs of the incident of the men breaking down the monolith.

Now, a extreme-sports Youtuber has claimed that he and his friends were the ones responsible for removing the structure from the middle of the desert.

Andy Lewis, 34, who is a BASE jumper and slackliner posted a still pictures' video on his Youtube account titled “We REMOVED the Utah Monolith" and said his 'team' took down the monolith. The video doesn't give a clear picture of the four people dismantling the structure. On the night of November 27, 2020, at about 8:30pm— our team removed the Utah Monolith. His video adds a short description as well, "We will not be including any other information, answers, or insight at this time."

Lewis spoke to the Salt Lake Tribune and admitted to having removed the structure because he felt the presence of the monolith was actually disturbing the natural landscape of the untouched desert because people kept visiting it trying to take pictures of the structure.

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Lewis reportedly said that even though he supports art and artists, this structure has caused a lot of population thrust in the area which is not correct, especially during such unprecedented times of a pandemic.

He said people have tried to reach the spot using cars, bikes and even planes and choppers that has wreaked havoc on the naturality of the place.

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Lewis' account of the removal seems to match with Bernards, who posted a detailed account on Instagram on Monday. Bernards, 34, said he and 3 of his friends drove for six hours to reach the remote spot in Utah to examine from close quarters the magnificent looking structure when he saw 4 men come down and dismantle the structure within minutes.

Explaining the sequence of the events, Bernard wrote, "I had just finished taking some photos of the monolith under the moonlight and was taking a break, thinking about settings I needed to change for my last battery of drone flight when we heard some voices coming up the canyon."

Bernards said the men eventually broke it down and took the parts away in a wheelbarrow. He said one of them, while leaving with the wheelbarrow, also glanced back at them and said, “Leave no trace.”

Bernards's post has got mixed reaction from people. While someone agreed with him, others still thought there was no clear indication of who the men were and why they removed something which wasn't theirs probably. Lewis' YouTube video also elicited similar reactions with many criticizing Lewis for dismantling something which was not his in the first place.

The appearances and subsequent disappearances of the mysterious monoliths in Utah and then Romania created quite the stir everywhere with people coming up with various conspiracy theories about its origin. And while an alien connection is something fans of space films would crave for, experts have guessed it is most likely placed by some new wave artist or somebody who is a huge fan of the Kubrick masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey fan.