Remember ‘Tan Mom? Well, she’s a Florida woman now — and running for office

Remember “Tan Mom?”

The 55-year-old mother of five, whose legal name is Patricia Krentcil, went viral before going viral was even a thing.

The New Jersey native was arrested for child endangerment back in 2012 after taking her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon in the Garden State, but later acquitted. The damage was already done, in more ways than one, once her picture made the rounds. The tabloids had a field day roasting her over lack of SPF use.

These days, Krentcil, whose skin is still bronzed beyond belief, is a Florida woman, and fighting for you.

The Boca Raton Republican, who lost her husband in 2021 to cancer and COVID complications, is running for a Senate seat, challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Rick Scott. TMZ notes Krentcil already filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission, and is eligible for the 2024 elections.

Will you vote for her?

In a newly released promotional video on her old-school website, the politician wannabe talks about her platform as a “compassionate conservative.”

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As for the hot button issues, the former buyer for Macy’s supports affordable healthcare and housing; would never ban books; and is pro LGBTQ+, seeing drag queens as “amazing role models for kids.”

“Families come in ALL shapes and sizes,” says the campaign website. “We need to make sure all voices are heard.”

Above all, the “Tan to 10” star says she thinks she understands what the average Joe or Josephine is going through in the Sunshine State.

“Everyone is so quick to judge these days,” says Krentzil in the clip. “I know what it’s like to be targeted. That’s something I’ve endured my entire life.

“Let’s talk. I’m listening.”