Remember the Hurricane Dorian red Jeep in Myrtle Beach? Here’s the funny Idalia version

Here’s a red Jeep on the sands that won’t need rescuing.

Robin Hendricks of Little River recorded her son’s toy Jeep in the Cherry Grove waters Wednesday afternoon and posted it to her Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Life Facebook account.

“Hopefully, this will be the only red Jeep found on the beach this go-round,” the post said.

“When these storms come, we try to keep it light-hearted,” Hendricks said in a Wednesday phone interview.

The original red Jeep went viral during Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 after the driver abandoned the vehicle on the Myrtle Beach sands. When Hendricks first learned about the Dorian Jeep, “We just laughed until we cried.”

Hendricks and her husband run the Facebook account Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Life, which posts videos of Grand Strand happenings for vacationers.

This isn’t the first hurricane humor Hendricks has posted to the Facebook page. In 2022, during Hurricane Ian, she made a video of her raincoat-clad skeleton in a Tommy Bahama chair with a beer.