Remember, Your GP2 Car Is Not Road Legal

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Photo credit: MigeluVe / Twitter
Photo credit: MigeluVe / Twitter

The GP2 (now Formula 2) series ran just three years with the GP2/08, which means series supplier Dallara built a whole Formula 1 support series worth of cars for just three years of racing. That leaves a lot of old GP2 cars out there for collectors, which creates many an opportunity for private owners to get their hands on just-below-F1-caliber machines. Somewhere in the Czech Republic, a driver has taken this idea to its logical conclusion.

You can see where this is going. In a video posted to Twitter, a fellow motorist spotted an ex-GP2 Dallara GP2/08 out for a leisurely stroll on public roads. It is apparently something that has been happening since at least 2019, but the driver has never been officially identified by police.

What makes the video so particularly strange is how normal the car is out there. While the car is presumably incredibly illegal, he seems to be driving at the speed limit, within his lane, and as respectfully as one can drive a single-seat race car on the road. Despite wearing an odd Ferrari tribute livery with two-thirds of a Marlboro logo on the rear wing, the car appears to be in good condition and doing little more than going from point A to point B on public roads.

That makes it all the more absurd when a Toyota C-HR pulls over, giving the driver room to briefly drop into the lower rev bands and put out the howling V-8 noises the era of car was known for. It may be the only time you ever see an open wheel race car and a second-generation New Beetle in the same place.

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