Rejection early in Cara Delevingne’s career helped her develop her 'most important skill'

Cara Delevingne was on Running Wild With Bear Grylls on Tuesday. Between repelling down a cliff and eating a rather well done rat, she opened up about her struggles with rejection early in her career.

“I think I'd always felt a sense of rejection my entire life just because I was never that good at school,” said Delevingne. “So, when I started getting rejected in modeling it just helped me affirm that I wasn't good enough.”

While Delevingne has almost 44 million followers on Instagram and her own series on Amazon Prime Video, she had a difficult start to her career. Being rejected was particularly hard on Delevingne because she suffered from severe depression. She said, “It was kind of like giving a self-harmer a knife.”

Fortunately Delevingne was able to persevere through the rejection and she attributes that to her success as a model. “Then finally when I got a job, I was like, ‘Oh, that's weird,’” said Delevingne. “The only thing I attest to that is never giving up. Which most important skill in life.”